Quitting this awfull game after level 24 (keep getting disconnected)

Carlos Lusquinhos
Carlos Lusquinhos
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I just keep getting disconnected most of the time i play... I mean it is almost impossible to finish a gattling truck wave.
I already notice that most of the times, in action mode, i keep getting disconnected. But today... It was simply ridicule!!
I saw the help thread... That´s when i realize that this game really sucks!
I could not stop laughing about each help point, but i follow them anyway:

"1. Close any other programs you have that are accessing the Internet (other browser windows, any file downloads, other games, etc.)"
- To play a modest online flash game? Really? Where not under 128 kb internet you know?

"2 .Check your Facebook Security Settings. Under Account, select Account Settings, then Security, and see if Secure Browsing is Enabled. You may wish to try disabling this to see if it helps."
- Well it could help... Let me see... Hum already disconnected... Nop it didn´t help at all!!

"3. Make sure your operating system is up to date with all recent patches - if you have Windows, just run "Windows Update." If you have a Mac, click on the apple icon in the upper-left of the screen, then select "Software Update.""
- I´m i playing MODERN WARFARE here?

"4. Clear your browser cache, then close and restart your browser. Try to open the game without opening any other tabs or browser windows. You can find instructions on how to clear your browsers cache."
- My browser is cleaned and so shinny my eyes hurt! And i better stop restarting cause my computer can freak out!! And again with browser windows... Cheeechhhh...
"7. Restart your computer"
- AGAIN???

"If possible, try using a different computer"
- Really??? Oh man come on!!!!

And so on...
I really think that you should resolve server connections and not keep throwing stupid excuses to make people believe they have to change their computer right away.
I´m a regular player of Modern Warfare and Battlefield and never had any problems playing it... The only thing i could swallow was the Flash upgrade but that would never resolve my connection problems... No way!!

Just for the record i have a laptop with i6 processor, 1 gb nVidia graphic card, windows 7 fully updated, 8 gb of memory and a 100 mb internet connection... Is that enough to play WARCOMMANDER? After i read your help thread i really believe not...

Over and out!!
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