how good is my chance of getting a Gatling Truck?

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'm a level 23 (close to 24) and I really want to win the Gatling Truck (no paintjob). Here's what I have mainly used so far:

-Six level 5 Gun Turrets

-Six level 5 Mortar Towers

-Two level 2 Bunkers filled with maxed Heavy Gunners

-Three level 7 Power Plants

-18 Shaped Charges

-25 maxed Humvees

-Fifteen level 5 Rhinos

-Ten level 4 Suicide Bombers

-Fifteen Level 2 Hercules

-Fifteen level 2 Paladins

-I have fifteen level 5 Razorbacks that I haven't used.

(Humvees and Hercules not used for tank-heavy waves)

Do I have a chance of winning it?
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