Bad; how do you reload mines?

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    1: Click on your mine factory to open it. Note that the mine factory must be repaired in order to open it.

    2: When opened, you will see a bunch of little boxes. The ones with pictures of mines in them are mines that still exist. The empty boxes are mines that have exploded. Click on the each empty box to build a new mine for that spot.

    Note: if you have the patience to babysit your mine factory, you can save a fair amount of time. For example, my mines take 20 minutes each to rebuild. During the event, it was not unusual to loose 3-plus hours worth of mines to replace if I clicked all the empty boxes at once and just let the mines "auto build" one after the other. However, if I had wanted to I could have just clicked on one mine and when it had less than 5 minutes to complete I could have finished it early for free. Five minutes may not seem like much, but can actually save about an hour if you need to build a lot of mines.
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