Wow look at that money!

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"With just shy of 5 million monthly active users on Facebook, Kixeye is ranked a dismal 72nd on the developer leaderboard behind Zynga, EA and Angry Birds-maker Rovio, according to tracking service AppData.

But the astonishing revenue Kixeye makes per user has the company on track to gross more than $100 million in total revenue this year. That’s up from between $25 to $50 million last year, according to an independent source familiar with Kixeye’s financials. For comparison, Zynga says it will do between $1.35 and $1.45 billion in bookings this year and it had 240 million monthly active users during the fourth quarter, according to the most recent earnings report. So Kixeye is doing 1/14th of Zynga’s revenue on about 1/50th the number of users."

With that being said, fix repair system. Even if you dont like Tank spammers David S, tank spammers line your pockets.
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