Problems problems problems

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My repairs arent complete and i been getting disconnected. My resources arent collectin when i leave eiether. I got on 6hrs

later no repars are done. There are alot of problems i think if u are on wave 30 u should get the paint job without completeig it i have no resources coming. Or make it tht al repairs re complete. Thanks

wave 30 i destroyed all i had and i am only lvl 23. I have nothing but destroyed tanks, sucide bombers, etc etc. I was so happy i made it to 30 and i get on and nothing is repaired. I noticed this last night. I go to work and get on here and i hel people that need help. I hope it is fixed and for the problems if u are on a certain wave i think u should get the paint job now.

Thanks sector 185 would appreciate it. I am the only low level player tht i on this level.
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