Tips on Beating the Rogue Assault

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1.) Use Suicide bomber for beating tanks.
- it sound useless but its the only way to take them out (better be cluster group).
My Result on RA: nothing 1 building got damage and the rest is undamage cuz all of my suicide bomber destroy them all.
2.) Use all of unit for aerial unit.
- In wave where all aerial unit attack your base ( Could be Wave 18 0r 17) you having a trouble on that especially lower level. use Riflemen, Heavy Gunner, Hercules and hunvees to take them out oh by the way you need to put a riflemen (all direction cuz im not sure where will they spawn )out side of you base to bait the raptor.
My Result on RA: Im having hard time on this wave on first event (not rerun) so i quit like you but after bym's krallen got unfair. i started wc again. and try to use the heavy gunner ( cuz they are fast to create and better than riflemen), i started the wave and poof! i survived.
3.) Spread out your tanks when attacking another tanks.
- you already know that tanks have AOD
My Result on RA: nothing

Will editing and addd more info. if there is something wrong, just comment below :)
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