Does Heavy Gunners or Other Infantry Really should putted on The Base

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Should I Put Heavy Gunner on My Base and Other Infatntry(Like Riflemen,Snipper,and other) too? (don't ask About Hercules and Suicidal Bomeber cuz ik they should on The Base) and Should I Use Rhinos and Humvees on The Base? i need you guys Advice.. Thanks
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    This is just my opinion, others may have a different take on this:

    Since any base can be destroyed by any skilled player or any tank spammer putting extra units in your base for defense does not help you. It only adds hours & hours of repair time. The only units I put in my base are heavy gunners in the bunkers (again, others may prefer different infantry in bunkers). Heavy gunners repair quickly, so no biggie if they all get killed. A base with no extra units in it only takes around 45 minutes to repair. Load that base up with tanks & other vehicles and it can take several hours just to repair those vehicles.

    (note: I assume you are talking about normal base defense. For the Rogue Assault event, sooner or later you will need extra units to defeat the attack waves.)
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