Rogue Wave 8 of 25 doesn't finish

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Any ideas on why WC is hanging up after clearing all attackers from wave 8?
Been through this 3 times... same thing. :crying:

I've looked all over my base-map for any lingering Rogue units (did not find any at all; no snipers, etc.),
yet the attack will not finish...

What am I missing - or am I experiencing a bug?

  • KIXEYE CM Chris
    KIXEYE CM Chris
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    Hey there, thanks for the info. I'll pass it on to the game team.
    I work on War Commander!

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  • Richard Monroe
    Richard Monroe
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    lol i have done level 21 so many times i have used all my oil and metal and cant heal my units .. sent in ticket yesterday afternoon.. still no response
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