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KIXEYE can you please make the storage that can be viewed because we dont ever know if we have destroyed unit inside the storage. you must suppost to view the unit inside to eject that are destroyed and repair.
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    I had the same prob. Every time I came back to base I had more damaged units than I used. It took me more than 30 mins to go through all the units I had in storage, find the damaged ones and set them up in a repair platoon. It sucks not being able to see all the units you have in storage and to have to do this.
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    consider reworking your platoons so that you have few, if any, units sitting unassigned in storage. my 'repair' platoon has only 620 space in it -- just enough for 2 backup megas and a dozen small infantry. i swap units in and out of the repair platoon as needed and my main units are already assigned to their usual task-specific platoons, so there is never any question about which units are needing repair. plus, with them all in platoons, you can quickly glide the mouse cursor over the list and tell quickly if something needs repair (big square 'manage' button vs. small manage and repair buttons).

    spending an hour getting your army organized can take the 30 min. chore described above and turn it into seconds.

    have fun
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