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Hello guys.. Loved the new upgrade and all the changes you made exept from one!! Myself and other 80 players we are a group, i am the leader in this group in sector 37 i talked with other leaders too from other groups and we seemed like we all have the same problem and complain if you like.. We dont agree that the repair change in platoons is saving us time, the oposite it demands more time to repair every platoon one by one and you must be connected to the game to do that, before you just had to click the repair all button.. For that reason many players from the sector 37 are thinking seriously to stop the game.. I will be very unhuppy if that happens, so please reconsider the repair all button..

Thanks a lot..
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    I am right now sitting in my base watching my repairs and raping to Eminem. I have about 12 more hours to go...
    I think i will just scrap these tanks and make new ones...
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