Minor Nuisance
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First off to the moderators sorry but at this point don't care to look to see if this is already in a Thread.

I have tryed to play War commander for 2.5 Months now. Some how i already have a lvl 2 base even though once the Title screen loads i get a grey screen with the words "Please wait loading" on them I can send gifts to the friends that can play and can even see the buttons at the top and load the "Attack Log" screen to see that i have been attacked. I've sent in a Ticket to the support team and got a response. I will not say what it said but honestly gave me the impression they didn't even bother to read my Ticket. I responded to this email asking a simple question and still waiting for a response to it. Maybe someone on here can answer the question.

Simple logic states that if I can play Battle Pirates a Kixeye's game w/out having any major hick-up loading the game. (other than the ones when something majorly bad happens and everyone can't play) With that said, but if i can play one Kixeye game w/out problems and from what i gather they require the same system requirements to play then I should be able to play the other correct?
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