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Hello Admins,
just wanted to say few things about this player...
it seems hes been banned from the game as he is not green anymore 4 most of us and he hasnt been active for few days now, when he used to be active everiday, we are part of an alliance you may know called War Commander Elite, been part of it for more than a month bouth of us, he is not a cheater in the game and he is what i call a fair player, as he helps the lower lvl players to get deposits and against higher lvls that bully on them, thats what we do in sector 77, we are all big family there and of course we have enemys as this is a war game, seems they dont play fair and reported hem somewhat so he couldnt play anymore, again we dont cheat and if someone cant take the hit they should relocate and not do this cowarness things, i ask u please to habilitate him again to play as he is a good fella
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this

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    He needs to use the support form link in my sig or the link that is in the suspension message. Kixeye is unable to assist with this via the forum
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