Most used oil resource.

Hozey Zachary
Hozey Zachary
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hi yall! can any1 tell me what construction uses the most oil! my oil bank is getting FULL and but my metal is no where near my oil reserve. i need to save my metal for an upgrade that requires LOTS of metal but apparently most contruction requires most oil. is there something that i missed that requires more OIL than of METAL?

appreciate the answer, thanks!! :)
  • Randallman
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    Upgrading your metal factories takes only oil.... but they don't take much.

    Other than that, just click on the different items you can upgrade.... buildings & units... and it will tell you how much of each resource each upgrade requires. You can do this spot checking for amount of resources required even if you already have other upgrades running.
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    Upgrading turrets take more oil than metal...
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    i use oil like crazy, mostly on repairs. if i have 10 deposits, 7 of them are oil, so grab it wherever you can.
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