WC update preview - Advanced Platoons and Persistent Infantry

  • vengence B mine
    vengence B mine
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    really need something done about the repair issue on the game ... I work all day and dont have the time to be popping back every 4 hours to check and start repairing my troops .............. or is this some coiner ploy buy kyxexe to get us all buying fb credits? because all ur gonna do guys is make people leave! not gain but lose out in the long run
  • Lucas Lavorel Azario
    Lucas Lavorel Azario
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    Hi what would be cool is to put the repairs on hold as before, me for example I use little game, I'm not online 24 hours so here I resent having to put any fix pack every time I enter the game, and not being able attack anyone for not having repaired squads, another thing is not how to get to the firing of the store to my home base for guarecerlos in bunkers, I find the option!!!!!!!!

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  • Damon Golds
    Damon Golds
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    i also like to add that on the screen that says about what updates have been done technically kixeye is lying, because its says its quicker to repair. i like to say its not its 2 sometimes 3 times longer to repair because you can only do it online. also you never mentioned this on the update. i like lots of others love this game but like others i work so cant get on here 24hrs a day to s single repair can take days. so i am unable to attack anything. no one will ever like the new system. all your going to do is stop gamers from playing this once great game.
  • justin jkills101
    justin jkills101
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    nvm the repair time i will give you that one its going to be fix i have seen on other threds lol

    come on new update lovers i hate it
    i will back up the old game all the way

    name one thing about the new game you like and i will pruve the old way was 100% better
  • dragonbad
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    sir, i think we need a change about repair system. its horible for me. i like the old system for repair. it mean we must go online every 2 hours to repair . i want that we can repair all of our unit automatic. so when it done to repair 1 platoon it automaticly repairing another platoon
  • vengence B mine
    vengence B mine
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 2
    they have given with one hand but taken with the other......... all to get coining in of our shiny FB credits ......... if i cant attack nothing because i have no platoons how can i play and i refuse to instant repair using £5 of my hard earned money while unemployed get to sit in all day repairing for free!!!!!!!!!!!! its a scandel!!
  • Henry DeRolf
    Henry DeRolf
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    I agree with yall the updates are but i really hate the new repair time! If you could fix the repair time and make the game go a little faster so it not god fuzzy on me then the update would be great.

    Other then that the game is okish but very slow and fuzzy.
  • Redeemer
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    nvm the repair time i will give you that one its going to be fix i have seen on other threds lol

    come on new update lovers i hate it
    i will back up the old game all the way

    name one thing about the new game you like and i will pruve the old way was 100% better
    I like the persistant platoons. Generally mine do not vary much 4 or 5 different set ups anyway, depending on what my goal is.
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  • soul101
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    I really hate the new update, its complete spoil the game for me, much harder to use and cant cue repairs, actually considering stopping play i hate it that much, wish i didnt waste my money buying credits , i log on and only 1 platoon has been repaird, was alot better before where you could log on and they was all repaired, can berdly attack any1 anymore without logging on every 4 hour to make them repair!
  • Shaun Phillips
    Shaun Phillips
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    Since when is there a break in war why do we have to stay online twenty four seven to repair our equipment i want repair to be auto just like in war. If i have the resources then why cant our repairs be contentiousness i have tank platoons now setting for days waiting to be repaired. Why i hope its not to wear down the non-spenders in to buying repairs because i will drop this game like all fb games and just play my PlayStation
  • Mike Pelvay
    Mike Pelvay
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    One PLATOON at a time, not a single unit, that would be silly. We will look into a way to queue up platoons for repairs after we get this update out.

    how about finding a way BEFORE you let the update out. but its too late now.
  • joe662
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    Today, 05:10 PM#725

    KIXEYE CM Chris

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    Hey Kyle, hang in there.. If you are just confused then hopefully in time you will get comfortable with the new system and who knows, maybe like it even more.

    hey boys you seriously cant be telling us that this update is " It takes a while to know if change is good or bad
    ', obviously the majority of players, not only in this forum but in all the chats are dissatisfied with the latest update.
    Many are seriously considering quitting this game all together. Many have posted that they are already sick of the wait times and you're still obviously not getting the negative feedback, "Good or bad " is not an option with the vast majority of the players, face it, it's a bad decision on your part and is turning many players from the games.

    If you want ideas on helpfull upgrades, go to any sectors world chat and pick some brains. Updates like this last one will not generate any loyalty when it just looks like a money grab to most.
  • sirwigwam
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    Hi Just came on to say i do like the game, but like most on here don't like the new repair setup.
    Maybe your trying to slow an aspect of the game down??
    With the current repair setup and the 7+Days upgrades thats what seems to be happening.
    I do not get the chance to come on very often which has caused the following effect... No point playing for more then 5 minutes a day for the next week. just so i can have a few hours worth of attacking/upgrading then wait again.

    I would say this could neutralize a good addictive game ?!?!
  • Duane Kasulka
    Duane Kasulka
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    one platoon in a queue at a time is lame. if i have to log on every 4 hours how does this save time when im asleep or at work. you have made me a slave to the game.
  • Joshua Lovely
    Joshua Lovely
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    I also agree, I left WC because of the new update on one repair, and not having auto repairs. I like the new system ;however, having to repair one unti at a time causing me to log in ever 4-5 hours is bull ship. I have a RL job I work 12 hrs a day monday-friday and I can't jump in game every 5 hours to repair a single platoon. Bring back the auto repair kxiaye, you got a lot of upset players because we don't make wc our life. I enjoy the update, only negative remark I have is no auto repair system.
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  • jonathanmassung
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    I am learning this new platoon system and it is ok. definitely like the idea of creating an ordering system for repairs. (make a repair shop slot were you can pull out units that need repair and trade with repaired units. I could have a platoon attack, but not damage all the units. So I would pull out the damaged units and consolidate for a new full health force.) Currently when they await to be added to a platoon I can't see who is damaged so I can pick and choose who to use. Show them so I can select the right team.

    Figure if I mention all this now it will become part of the thinking process when fixing the auto repair option.
  • daved2626
    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 5
    Just real quick...

    is there a way to repair all damaged units after the update? If not i think kixeye slowed down game play so much the game is gonna start sucking...
  • Geir Oen
    Geir Oen
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    Please rethink this last update or it's "bye bye kixeye" for me :(
  • Eric Clark
    Eric Clark
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    know what you guys really **** this game up with this upgrade and this platoon thing is **** stupid 2 and you should of never upgraded it, you need 2 go back 2 the old one because yes the repair will work when your offline but it don't keep going now you guys will loose allot of ppl that are playing this game because of this upgrade i know a allot people that will leave and am 1 of them if you don't go back 2 the old one before you upgraded it. people have a live and don't have time 2 choose a platoon 2 repair every couple of hrs
    Joined May 2012 Posts: 14
    I wonder why u dont like the Upgrade, i like it. The repair Think is not a Problem, i have a Platoon calles : Repairs: Is Full of all Heavy damaged Units and under repair, while i have 6-8 Platoons to save my Large and Giants and one Base Defending Platoon, and if i need to attack i disband the "repair" Unit and create from the units my Attacking Platoon....


    Why i am level 24 ( from level 21 without any Upgrade?)
    Why is my Airfield level 10?
    Okay if i combine this two questions i know why iam level up...but?

    Did Kixeye change that back? Yes, Yes? Its only Fair to change that back...

    And to make ur Upgrade Perfect, just one simple update:

    If i click a Base, Depo a.f.a.i.k free land... i have to Scout, to Bookmark and thats all... But i have to choose my Ploatoons step by step...

    I wish a Button that gives order to all Platoons same time go to this point...
    Thats all, game is Perfect iam a WC-Junkee... even at work i think about it, even by Dinner with my Wife i think about Mega-Unlocking...hahahaha

    have fun folks


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  • Kirby Mitchell
    Kirby Mitchell
    Potential Threat
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    Try repairing 15 platoons with 6 megas each in them.. at 5 hours and 16 minutes to repair each platoon... thats too **** much .. I dont want to have to log in every 5 hours and 10 minutes to repair another platoon.
  • Huade Carvalho Pena
    Huade Carvalho Pena
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 13
    if u go offline repair stop -.- so stay online for 5h and 16 min
  • Carlos Bismar Og
    Carlos Bismar Og
    Joined May 2012 Posts: 3
    I believe that if only one unit may have only have 2 lives would be better and that the said actualozacion pusiero the game and as you do not have good function and almost no one is playing like it was better as it was before this change affected all till the game since the change in deposits is so ugly that sprayed aperder a good game that bothers many players in my mind and my covenant are not happy with that and now I enter the game and nobody avi map
  • vbszoid
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    Bye kixeye..
  • sirrush3
    Potential Threat
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    yes two days i had 6 full platoons finished after attacking to get my reasources to upgrade things an build more units i know have 0 so it will be a another day or till i get all my units repaired because of how this game now repairs things an it is bs
    makes game play bad i wont recamend this game to anyone till that issue changed i still giving it a try for a few days but if nothing happens i will just stop playing
    but i do like the new platoon ideas just the repairing issue is not good an killing a great game
  • Warriorsinaction
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 9
    Nope, new update is bad.... I like this game, but now the one after update
  • SouthernBird
    Potential Threat
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    well, it was a fun game while it lasted, by far one of may favorites.. dont mind the advanced plat builder to much, but the old way was better, making it work both ways, would be nice.. Repairing infantry is nice as well,..but with the repair setup & times like it is.. I will not be able to use them to take advantage of it.. only 1 plat was repaired when i got home this evening :( .. I have a real job & unable to log in every few hours to do repairs.. with nothing repaired i can longer play the game..
    not being able to pull single units from depos well that really sux too..its either all or nothing?. It was nice to use them for staging, & to hold dogs & buggys for plat battles.. no more good plat battles :( .. from the looks of it.. i am not the only one disappointed by this... non of my friends have been on either.. guess its time to move on to another FB game.. sux i spent $$ on this one tho... really think you guys should re think this one.. unless the motive behind this update was to drive a lot of players away.. if so.. you nailed it.. I dont even see the heavy 24/7 coiners liking this one...
  • BoneBT36
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 7
    Kixeye how would operation Warhawk pan out now with this latest update. You would have a wave of initial attacks everyone's units would be damaged destroyed and then nothing because everyones repairs would take 2 days. Is this what you want with the game?
  • Faada Fadi
    Faada Fadi
    Joined Apr 2012 Posts: 2
    Great update
    Please ... Find a Solution for Repairing Problem ....
  • Peed right off
    Peed right off
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 1
    This game has been totally bollo*ed by the new format.. please sort it out kixeye.
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