WC update preview - Advanced Platoons and Persistent Infantry

  • Accipitor
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    Kixeye, Can we have a 'queue all to repair' like before? I really liked knowing how long it would take to repair everything before my next HUGE battle... it would help us love this game more... please bring the queue back!!!

    (yes I'm pissed at no easy 'repair all' option, but I'll keep my cool cause I think I can be civilized...)

    Thanks for looking into it!!
  • Ratboy
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    Just remember the longer it remains that we have to be logged on for repairs to work the less people will stick around period.

    Rant over

    Praise .... not a bad game and thanks for listening to us all whine and actually be willing to fix it ....

    To everyone else... having been playing Battle Pirates for a few months now , I know Kixeye does listen and does reverse updates that aren't popular if your polite about it and they're not for important technical reasons.

    PS can we make it that both players can fight not just one and make it that the full unit get's deployed on each side with whomever loses all ground units first loses.... Yeah i thought i'd sneak it in there
  • KIXEYE CM Chris
    KIXEYE CM Chris
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    Hey Richard, good to see you on the forums. The response to the removal of repair queuing has been heard, and we have some good news! Stick around and post a while, an update post is coming soon. I think you will like what you read.

    Edit-- Also, Ratboy, thanks for the post. You're speaking truth. As for your request at the end there, that's what we would call "Synchronous Battles" which I'm sure you know about from Battle Pirates. I can't make any promises on a timeline for that in War Commander, but I can tell you that it's something we're working on and will definitely be a part of the game at some point.
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  • horningvirginia
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    honestly i love almost the entire new things u did...however as much as me and my husband love to play this game we also have 5 kids and cant be on constantly to keep the repairs going and it really sucks cuz im probably wont be able to play anymore because before i could go to bed and wake up with everything repaired and now everytime i get on i have nothing to go out to dp anyone or hit rogue bases and with nothing to use i cant get resources that i need......im in sector 103 and i know of ALOT of people who are complaining about this new repair feature and nothing else....if there is any way to fix it so that we can repair while we arent on like before that would be much appreciated.....everything else is awesome by the way i love the new deployment stuff and the depo platoons repairs...amazing job with this game guys
  • trackman
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    im old school.and have been playing for a very long time now......ive seen most of the changes over the year,some great ones and some not so great...this one is one of the "not so great" .....its not the worste one,that will be resreved for the removal of the little "fix it man" that you took away........ but this update realy doesnt help fighting the "war" take a look into any section just now....youll see theres no battles going on........no one wants to sit for hours repairing........ there was nothing wrong in the way we deployed the troops before the update.so why change it?...... you now have problems deploying troops in depots never mind anywhere else......i didnt have any problems picking what i wanted in my platoons before the update.but do now as they dont hold as many troops now........im a high lv player so only go out with gats and megas.....but can only add 10 gats and 3 megas to one platoon??????????? taking any less gats leaves me open to a air attack....... before the update.i could carry a lot more and be well protected..... not any more im not.......why?
  • Elder_Lee
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    Brothers and Sisters,

    This update is so much more, it's more like WC3.0 given that please give them time to get it stable and make the needed changes they know need to be changed.

    But here is what is planned, just have faith and give David some time.

    Platoon Queuing.jpg
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  • Deadman Walkn
    Deadman Walkn
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    this was a good game till u did the updates i share my computer and if your not signed in u dont heal n takes 3 times as long when u r now me n my roommates got to find a new game
  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez
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    bring back old version, platoons won't repair if person is offline. this is seek. now to repair one platoon I have to sit on net 2,5 hours so I can start repair another platoon?
  • Scotty Hoffman
    Scotty Hoffman
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    I have a life and sitting at my pc for 24 hours a day to repair my units is not gonna work. I was really starting to enjoy this game till i went on my daily resource hunt and come back to find my units were not repaired and it would take 2 hours a unit to repair and I had to be logged in. No thank you! Am seriously considering putting this game in the same file as Evony and a few more. The GARBAGE FILE!!!! That is all.....
  • justin jkills101
    justin jkills101
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    my question is what was soooo rong with the old way you had to mess it up with this new junk its not simple its a mess and pointless nun of it works thay 80% of us want the game to work ???? atlesst remove it untill you work the bugs out so i can play agen for the 1st time in 2 days
  • Eric Clark
    Eric Clark
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    hi can you bring back the old version of repairs the way have it now is a pain 2 deal with and the old way work allot butter
  • nacks
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    The worse thing about the repairs not working when offline is that it pretty much kills base attacks. Everyone is online as much as possible just sitting in their base trying to get things repaired. I would even be fine with only being able to repair a single platoon at a time at this point after a day and a half I am still recovering two platoons worth of challengers that it took me all of 30 minutes to damage. I like the idea of persistant platoons and many of the other things the update provided, but this repair bug is killing gameplay.
  • TK421
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    I like how the new platoons are organized! I DON'T like that I have to be playing the game for a unit to be repaired. I HATE that. I hate that I can't queue my units anymore. After a moment's thought, I must concede that this update is nothing but a money grab by kixeye. Sad. Now I have to look for a new facebook game, and that's depressing.
  • Junson Chan
    Junson Chan
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    I thought this was a bug but apparently it's intentional.

    No repairs while offline is stupid. At least as a peaceful player this isn't too bad on me but it will kill this game if it isn't changed asap. Repair queuing is also a must.
  • KIXEYE CM Chris
    KIXEYE CM Chris
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    Hey everyone. I appreciate all of this forum activity. I've gone ahead and made a post that should address some of your concerns about the update. You can find that here-- http://forums.kixeye.com/threads/226867-Attention-Commanders-Repair-Bug-Fix-and-the-Recent-Update
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  • tcflshannon
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    the repair issue is the worst thing about the upgrade
    why won't the units or deposits keep repairing? the game clock keeps ticking....
  • William Roesener
    William Roesener
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    Attention Commanders,

    Advanced Platoons are here and this is our largest update since the World Map!

    You can watch the video that illustrates the overview and/or read about the features in more detail.


    The four main changes:
    1. You can repair platoons in deposits without having to return them to your base.
    2. Platoon squads are now optional. By default there is a single squad that can hold all of your units but you can create up to four
    3. You can name your Platoon whatever you like. Only you see your platoon names (other players see your base name), so go to town.
    4. When a Platoon returns to base, its grouping is not lost. You don't have to go through the process of creating it again. This is the same for when a platoon is left guarding a deposit
    The process for making a platoon has moved from the map to inside your base. You can create as many platoons as you like and get them all setup before deploying them on the world map. Once a platoon is made you can use it over and over again and only have to edit it when you want to change the units it holds. You can launch a platoon from inside your base or from the world map.

    In addition to the platoon changes we've tweaked a few other things:
    1. Infantry units now persist! If they are killed in battle they can be repaired from 100% damage (just like vehicles). The cost of repairing a fully damaged infantry unit is less than it did cost to make it, and yes, we will be doing this for Aircraft soon!
    2. Your airfield now has a little more space at higher levels and its capacity is linked to its level; +100 at max level.
    3. The deployment cap has increased, you can now have slightly more units in battle at any one time; +200 at max level.
    4. Platoons hold slightly less units, however the cap is on the entire platoon, not a single squad, so you can use the space more efficiently; -540 at max level.
    5. The deployment cap is now linked to your storage building level, not your Command Center level.
    6. Platoons move quicker on the map than ever before! Units have a +10% to +35% move speed increase when in platoons. The attack dog and rocket buggy are still the fastest units.
    7. You can leave more units guarding a deposit.

    We’ve also cleaned up the UI and a few processes; little things like making it possible for you to select all the units you want to scrap and then pressing “Scrap” instead of having to confirm every single one.

    You will see that you can only repair a single platoon at a time and can not queue up all units in your base/storage to repair. We made this decision to simplify the UI. As you can now repair platoons on deposits it should even out in terms of time spent, for most it will be a time-saver compared to the old system.

    We hope you like the changes, if you have any comments or questions leave them below.

    i have no time to sit in front of comp to refresh my game, i have a life outside of WC, now it will take me forever to repair my troops, but thanks for saving me the money i would have spent on this game
  • Duane Kasulka
    Duane Kasulka
    Joined May 2012 Posts: 9
    the repair changes are a mess. before could go to bed and wake up and troops would be repaired. now each platoon has to be monitored and entered into a repair process. how is this faster than all troops getting in line to automatically getting repaired?
  • walid_hussen
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    I like this game to much & i like new updates but
    I have one problem that's i can't repair all units in different platoons in same time
    and thank you for help
  • Sa Na
    Sa Na
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 7
    hay u said that platoon will not lost.. bt i lost my platoon named 'tango apple pot' it was 4 challengers nd sm razors nd humvs... wat is dis???????????? give me a answer?
  • Will43
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    As you can now repair platoons on deposits it should even out in terms of time spent, for most it will be a time-saver compared to the old system.

    Can't repair at base and deposits at same time like we should. Click repair on one the other stops.
  • Carlos Alcantara
    Carlos Alcantara
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    i wasted between 400 to 500 dlls on this game, and my troops wont repair :s i dont like the new updates.
  • Eddie Reffitt
    Eddie Reffitt
    Joined May 2012 Posts: 2
    thanks guys i appreciate you trying to resolve this issue and make it enjoyable to play again. cant wait for the new update
  • nacks
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    It does appear that the repair stopping while offline bug does appear to be fixed. Thanks for getting it done. Lets hope game play gets closer to normal again. Its till going to be a bit of a pain a while until you can queue more than one repair at a time however.
  • Psych Doc
    Psych Doc
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    First, I apologize if people already said this, the thread has gotten so long it is impossible to keep up.

    Next, the problem with the update, in my honest opinion, is that it actually ends up being not useful. I cannot keep persistant platoons because that extends repair times considerably. So instead, after I go attack something, I come back and disband any platoon with damaged units and then repair one or two at a time units that take less than five minutes to repair. Then I build platoons again.

    Additionally, when I am not going to be around, I scrap my infantry units and place all or as many will fit of my damaged vehicles into one platoon and start the repair. Then I create the infantry I just scrapped. Why? Becuase I can repair and create at the same time, but I cannot repair mutiple platoons at the same time and I cannot cue repairs.

    So basically there is no update, because I cannot keep persistant platoons and I don't heal my infantry, in scrap and rebuild because it is actually faster for total repairs.
  • peter rodgers
    peter rodgers
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    i know you guys say u r working on this problem however i am soooo frustrated with this upgrade i am ready to quit playing forever! This was the first game i ever played online and dumped a tonof money playing it . I will give u guys 1 week to fix and then i am not coming back. I have gotten into fights over playing this game with the wife, last thing i will do is deal with a bad game that frustrates me and fight to do so.. Lmfao please get us back to where we were b4 the update i miss playing already.. on a side note i feel u should repair all of your gamers units instantly as a way of easing all the stress you have put us thru(just saying)[/b]
  • Vader777
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    It's a mistake not making another platoon automatically start repairing after a previous one is finished. Many in my sector are angry about this. People can't spend 24hrs. a day on the game choosing platoons each time after one has finished. This slows overall repair times for players. While people sleep or are at work, there will be no repairs taking place, after the 1 platoon is done. Platoons system is great, but other platoons not Q'ing up for repair seems to be a way of railroading more players into using FB creds to repair. I've spent 4 or 5 hundred on this game, so I know all about spending on the game. But, this one platoon repairing and another not starting automatically seems a bit sly on your part Kixeye. Many in game chat don't think your motives are pure here, but that it's about bringing in more revenue.
  • Ocnod
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    Ok guys I am new to the game and thought wow finally a kick **** facebook game. And than you go and make it to were I cant set all my units to repair and come back in 12 hours and have them back up and go play. I have not spent a lot of money on this game but I had planned on staying around for a while (witch means I would probably spend more as time goes by). But if this is how things are going to be then I guess this will just be another game I leave behind. I don't know how you guys thought this was a good idea other than maybe you thought people would just spend more money on repairs. To bad because you had a good thing till now.
  • Azelf Valor
    Azelf Valor
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    Why the repair mode was not online automatically when i was off / left the game =_=?
    If this goin on...
    How can we war without a healthy troops?
    How can we war with a bad shape / totally damage troops?
    "Man i more like the old platoon then this advanced platoon" =_=
    Figure it out Swag Pls?
  • Timo Ylikangas
    Timo Ylikangas
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 1
    I'll hate this too and it will probably end my and Kixeyes relationship with very short notice.
    "You will see that you can only repair a single platoon at a time and can not queue up all units in your base/storage to repair." ughhh this is what I hated about battle pirates. so now instead of going to bed knowing that a good chunk of my units will be repaired when I wake up, I now will have to wake up in increments at night in order to check up on current repairs and begin new repairs >:(
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