Player Profiles. What type of player are you?

  • Drako2k0
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    Nyen wrote: »

    Seriously, I think I am a sniper most of the time, but when it comes to small depots and players who think they are bad **** by not upgrading their mortars (face it, its hard to bait a low level mortar because of their small range) , I just spam.

    IF they fail to upgrade their mortars no need to bait, you're free to snipe the gun turrets, mortars need to be lvl 9+ to stop a razorback.
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  • Steve Winters
    Steve Winters
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    I'm not sure which one I am.
    I bait/mine sweep with rifleman then deploy cobras to take out tanks or paladins to take out infantry.I use razorbacks to take out turrets that aren't in range of mortars.
    After I use cobras to take out mortars unless there near bunkers, so I take out paladins to get rid of that problem.
    Last,if all defense taken out I deploy the paladins to finish up the job.
    Time: 10 to 15 minutes Damage:Small to Medium
    Tell me what you guys think!!!:)
  • Steve Winters
    Steve Winters
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    Not true a level 5 mortar out ranges a razorback. M5 410> RB 399.
  • B0SS
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    Not true a level 5 mortar out ranges a razorback. M5 410> RB 399.
    That's not what he means, if a Turret is on the front of a Mortar level 8 or less, the Turret is snipable by Razorbacks level 6+.
  • Ghost 204
    Ghost 204
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    I am mainly a sniper, but I have to disagree about mortars not able to be sniped. If you expose them properly with a bit of baiting, or you find that sweet angle that can dodge a gun turret's reach, you can snipe a mortar with air.

    Now you can "snipe" them from a sweet angle and a poorly positioned nearby building using Hellfire's AoE
    Otheym wrote: »
    I am amazed that people come here and basically say; "I attacked another player, should they be acting upset in chat and coming after me? Why is the rest of their game buddies also coming after me?" So sure, some people whine way more then they need to, but it is a war game, attack and expect to be attacked back.

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  • Matthew Knowler
    Matthew Knowler
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    Probably a sniper/morter baiter.
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  • ThunderLord
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    I am without a doubt a sniper. The EWH and now EHF make it so easy.
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  • TheRealTroop
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    Im somewhere between a master-baiter and a sniper. I love to bqit and with desktop it works but on a laptop i use razors to snipe turrets
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  • Capt_Werq
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    I do both but i suck at mortar baiting... i always seem to get too close to the gunn turret or too far from the mortar and the mortar blows up my paladins and challs
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  • Nagudz565
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    It mean sniper -_-
    I quit, I need to have some life at the moment. Thank you very much to KIXEYE for their games that always beside me from February 2012 until now. Good luck KIXEYE. :)
  • Daevian
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    LarsB wrote: »
    You should add a poll to this.

    This comment here makes me feel awkward when I say I'm a Master-Baiter.
  • Sam O Harrington
    Sam O Harrington
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    How is it fair when u can bait a mortar with a freaking dog? Yet you cant bait a turret with a missle? Freaking cry babies got the EHF nerfed well personally i think they should take away mortar baiting then it would increase defense on base. Just MHO, btw I like sniping n spamming.
  • Daevian
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    How is it fair when u can bait a mortar with a freaking dog? Yet you cant bait a turret with a missle? Freaking cry babies got the EHF nerfed well personally i think they should take away mortar baiting then it would increase defense on base. Just MHO, btw I like sniping n spamming.

    If you don't like mortar baiting, put snipers in bunkers or have units hidden to pick off dogs.
  • supernet2
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    mixture of blitz tactical play, depending on the users type of play determines what form of tactical platoon setup i use. From baiting, to straight blitz, to a mixture of many units in one platoon. I make sure its a 1 shot one kill deal
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  • DeD
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    must be a sniper than.
    Only i use elite hellfires, And elite warhawks. and attackdogs to sweep for mines, hardly ever lose any troops.
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  • DIDLS the Philosopher
    DIDLS the Philosopher
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    I bait units and snipe towers. I used to be a mortar baiter but I haven't had the opportunity to do that as often as I used to.
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  • BVB1909
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    hmmm guess i am a Sniper then...
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  • Kristjan_Wolf
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    The closest I come to is the sniper. If you ever see me attacking rouges or other bases I tend to take close too 20 shots. I try to take the turrets out first but in certain cases I must kill the mortar tower first. Sniping is the easiest and keeps me from having too many platoons to repair
  • Mark Griffith
    Mark Griffith
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    I am 100% sniper. Go in with copter drones, take out mortars, send in the dogs to kill mines, then head in with tank and take the rest out. Takes me about 3 attacks at lvl 25 to kill a lvl 30. Slow but I do not lose many, if any tanks. And those copter drones are cheap!
  • Kevin Bui
    Kevin Bui
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    im a sniper no doubt
  • WolfDreamShield
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    Thank you for the post I thought it was good enough to share your link... and so true... you really "nailed" the different "styles" of most players ...I've seen from the big guns to the strategic types that may or may not use the larger more powerful weapons always.. or combination there of. . and was really nice you did the disclaimer of you were not critiquing anyone just sharing for consideration... Great and helpful post thank you..
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  • KillerFarjad
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    Im a master-baiter almosst all the time.

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  • Anant Chaudhary
    Anant Chaudhary
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    Sniper! :)
    And I'm a sniper in COD and Bf3 as well :D
  • sgilmore5
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    i'm def a sniper
  • The Exile-S2K
    The Exile-S2K
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    You have 1 for megas,ehf
    air:hawks,raptor,and wingdrone?
  • LSA2013
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    Spider-Man wrote: »
    You have 1 for megas,ehf
    air:hawks,raptor,and wingdrone?

    Did you look at the thread date before posting? This was made back in MAY...
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  • Wiraldi sangaji
    Wiraldi sangaji
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    any one have bugs..please helpme for my unit...:D
  • Cristhian Guijarro
    Cristhian Guijarro
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    hola a todos quiero comentar algo que este juego estas de lo mas padre y que deverian mejoranlo mas
  • Goldair1
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    I'm a player that thinks before he shots.


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    Sniper/MasterBaiter. All depends on the base design.
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