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    While I am in an alliance I really enjoy solo play.
    Most of my alliance is currently off visiting other sectors doing just that.. playing solo or in groups of 2 or 3.

    This will force us to pack together .. pirates are free spirits not groupies!
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    How about making it a feature only when the war option is active this way the weaker players wont kill the alliances points for the war ..but when not in a war keep it reg play as it is bad enough you plan to add a warning system to let someone know when there neighbor is being attacked ...
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    Alliances will enable players to support their battle brothers in some new and exciting ways. One feature currently under consideration is to enable player fleets to automatically defend the fleets and bases of players who are in the same alliance. So for example, a high level player could park one of their high level fleets next to fellow alliance member's base thereby giving it additional protection. Any attack on the protected player's base would be intercepted by the friendly high level fleet. By doing this, however, the high level player would be risking their fleet by leaving it visible on the world map. On the whole, we feel this feature will lead to more fleets on the world map which will lead to more combat and more interesting strategic choices for players in alliances.

    Please read the Forum Posting Rules for Future Features & Feedback before posting here.
    I hope this is just an ideal for the masses to respond on and not a for sure in affect future update.In my opinion its dooms day for Battle Pirates.Its costly enough to attack a base the way it is set up now with out having to fight every fleet your preys neighbor has also.

    I say bring on the alliance feature sure.Give everyone in an alliance the choice of tagging themselves under their game name with an alliance tag.Color code it so the tags will be offset and not plain white like the players game name.But do not give them an advantage over a lone wolf playing field no more than the alliances already have.

    It was stated in a post somewhere above to have multiple fleets fighting in the same game screen at once much like the base invaders co-op.That's a hell of an ideal let the alliances fight in multiple FvF battles in the same screen.Let the strongest alliance be standing in the end.KIXEYE has tweaked the bases enough for what we have to get into them at the moment.Focus on the FvF and stay away from base hitting or the game will find its Armageddon soon for most of the big hitters.
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    Spooky wrote: »
    there was another part to my post above that was cut off so here goes quickly

    The idea you are proposing is ridiculous Swag bro seriously? Lets not mention the fact i gain more VXP from hitting a lvl 6 salvage then i do for hitting base i mean i wont even go there lol Bases have simply become to hard to get into, first we had the specials a great idea although on the face of it we made the flak too effective meanin the with 2 of them in a base no missile fleet is effective for hitting bases but hey we'll take that on the chin, then in your infinate wisdom you decided to add guard fleets so now any player with a fleet of dreads has a base thats impossible to get in now you want to add this crap. All you keep doing is making the strong players stronger and the week ones weaker. this is why the hacks keep re appearing guys want to play but whats the point when no matter what they do they will never be able to compete with the guys who found this game first. Your not making it more fun your making it worst with every little tweak, at somepoint you need to open the game up more instead of closing it down

    ok the flak thing you said was stupid their was somon in my sector with 2 flaks and a missile fleet got through no problem btw i change my opinion on this i dont like the idea
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  • humonkey2
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    I do not care for this idea and frankly im the biggest guy in my clan....heres the issue though.... im a 32.... one of my buddies who is a 27 continuously picks on a 22..... if i have fleets parked out front say Dreads, the only way hes even going to see the inside of this base is to have a friend big enough to down it.... I didnt join a clan until i was a 26.... How many lower lvl players are going to be picked on simply because they dont have friends within the game..... i could see making the fleet only active if the aggressor is also in a clan of some form.... a big part of getting guys to stop hitting you as a little dude has always been to show up when no one is home and do some damage... it may seem cheap but its truly the only answer to a little guy/gal. I simply fear you lose a large number of incoming newer players in the first two months due to lack of friendships within the game.
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  • humonkey2
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    I believe a good idea would be to remove the base defense fleets and allow your friends to Join Battle only once in progress.... this would ensure people are on more often, and still give most little guys a chance to strike back. Only as a defense though. Not to have friends help on base attacks but defends...i.e im getting hit , i post coord, buddy shows up and brings in his fleet to help!! He could be too late or he could show up and turn the whole battle around. If you allow a friend to defend from outside.... well i made that case above
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  • Brandon Keeler
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    Everybody in this sector guard my base...OK...yippee i have 500 fleets guarding my base,try to get in now suckers
  • JoeFri85
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    Gunboat wars goooooooo!!!
    Folks, the KIXEYE team puts their lives into these games (me included). The simple fact is that we have the luxury of not having to put up with rude **** and disrespect will not be tolerated towards ANY KIXEYE team member. Understood?
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    Well we all know that Kixeye is going to do something along this line.
    Yes it will make base attacking harder, its a sea combat game not a base invaders game.
    They ruined the harden barrels by lowering the range modifiers when all of the missile users cried about it, then came out with solid fuel boosters which made the missile over powered. So now mortars and ballistics is to archaic.
    They added the inside base defense fleet. Should have seen that coming with the Base Invaders events. Made the blitz base attack archaic with the Cerberus rocket system and base defense fleet, so now the Hammerhead B is no longer the terror that it was (neutered another ship).
    Must we forget that the spectator mode got rid of the ability to catch a base attacker as they were coming out of a base attack.
    So this alliance base defense thing is just away to put the attacking a base attacker back in to the game. To make it not over powering VERY strict limitations needs to be in placed and implemented before the guarding an alliance member's base is allowed. This should also get rid of the ability for a player to have a buddy attack him four time straight and then sit back and watch as a player tries to attack his base, destroyed the internal defense fleet and retreats to pull in a fresh fleet only to discover that the first attack set off the "5 attacks within an hour" automatic bubble option.
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  • robertg
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    no dont add a feature that allows other people to join a battle!
    thats plain stupid, what chance does a base fleet stand against a ftf ? none
    do that and the base attack is over
  • A Ernie BP
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    So if I attack a base first I have to kill his mates fleet then his external guarding fleet then his base fleet then his base.
    I will require three different fleets for this assuming only two get damaged are you going to allow queuing of damaged fleets for repairs.
    If you really really really want to stimulate fvf or fvb reduce repair times get rid of the no damage bubbles and shorten the world map travel time.
    It's not that I don't think kixeye are not on the same page it's just that the players are reading Sun Tzu Art of war and kixeye are reading Noddies big book of war.
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  • Spikes
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    About time, sounds good :)
  • RV-Iraqvet
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    humonkey2 wrote: »
    I believe a good idea would be to remove the base defense fleets and allow your friends to Join Battle only once in progress.... this would ensure people are on more often, and still give most little guys a chance to strike back. Only as a defense though. Not to have friends help on base attacks but defends...i.e im getting hit , i post coord, buddy shows up and brings in his fleet to help!! He could be too late or he could show up and turn the whole battle around. If you allow a friend to defend from outside.... well i made that case above

    Please think about what you post before you actually post it. What you are saying is I go into a base with my mortar base hitter that is slow and you want a buddy to "join" the battle. This buddy could have wolfs with missiles or thuds it doesn't really matter and tear my fleet to pieces. Real good idea man (sarcastic). THIS IS A WORSE IDEA THEN KIXEYE'S AND KIXEYE'S IDEA IS NOT GOOD.
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  • pplants
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    Its the evolution of these kind of games. They get good and slowly start dying. No matter what you say, it keeps coming. This game will follow other good games gone bad such as KOC, etc. A massive unbalance of power to the top is what really does it with alliances and such contributing.
  • Roland Bullock
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    Great, i can see it now, I go into a sector and here come the spam sub guards all over bases. Is there a limit on how many alliance members fleets can guard a base at a time?
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  • gixxer
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    Horrible idea!!!!!

  • Sparrow_J
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    Although I am not fond of the idea of edition base defense, I have suggestions that would make it more fair.

    1. The defense should be open to all players but alliance players gain addition benefits (will go more in depth at later points)

    2. A restriction of level of player that can defend your base. I believe +/- 2 levels is fair for the attacker to overcome. However members in your alliance can be +/- 3 levels.

    3. Restrictions of number of defenders. Only 3 (number is negotiable) neighbors can defend your base per day (I will cal this defense points). At the start of each day your defense points are reset to 3. In order for a neighbor to be able to defend your base they will click defend base but the base owner will have to “accept” the defense and will take away 1 defense point. If that defender leaves you do not regain the defense point used. This allows non alliance members to be protected by neighbors but be able to control who uses their defense points. Also the users must sign on more to activate the defense. You can add an additional defense points to use on alliance members. For example 3 defense points anyone can use and 2 extra only your alliance member can use. Allowing up to 5 points per day instead of 3.

    4. You cannot access base while a neighbor is defending it. For example when your base is hit you can only watch the battle, not interact with base. If a neighbor fleet is actively fighting to defend your base, you will only be able to watch the battle instead of interacting with your base. This will prevent the base owner to quickly repair a fleet and defend his base again. Also the base owner will not be able to “accept” new defenders while an attack is happening. So prepping a base isn’t nullified by a new defending neighbor.
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    We knew it was coming... Kixeye wants to have it's cake and eat it too. Remove the attack button to increase base hits = increased base inprovements and base fleet construction which of course produces speed up revenue. Down side was decreased fleet battles and pissed off players that like fvf battles and deffending the sector ect... ect... So...... in order to get fvf back and attempt to quite the decent they introduce this.
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  • Steven Millhouse
    Steven Millhouse
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    when you say "Automatically" do you mean as if they were "guarding" the base? How will it affect leaving a base?? Hopefully there won't be "automatic" attacks on our fleets leaving a smoking base.
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  • BlackPearl Dhillon
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    We Currently got 11 members and will really benefit from more we are called : Elite Naval Strike Force
  • Spooky
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    Have never reposted in a thread before but i do like this idea, as i said before this feature is weak see previous post for reasons.

    Everyone needs to forget about shorter repair times its not going to happen, Kixeye will not kill off part of there biggest revenue stream as a company its suicidal.

    If you want to have more more people on the map and fighting using a reward system will work along with VXP's we could earn FXP's, gained from base hits and fleet battles

    These could be used to buy items from the game that you cant other wise buy for example 10k FXP could be used to buy a hailstorm blue print up to old raid ships 1mil VXP would let you buy a HH2, More fun for us better revenue income from repairs and we can earn and build some of the great drac hulls from the past, every day would be raid day as we frantically battled anything that moved to get enough #fXPs to buy a new hull.
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  • eamon3
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    Love it when is it being introduced
  • leohuangchunwang
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    Only allow one friend to guard base or we'll get base guard clusters the size of a memorial...
  • echo1
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    You have 10-20-30 fleets guarding a base, your alliance sends 10-20-30 fleets to prep base. You get that done, and enemy alliance sends 10-20-30 fleets more. It's an all day running gunfight. Which might be fun, but when does the base get hit. Unless there is a limit set on the guard fleets, and once those are cleared no more can be sent in, it will be tough to get a base hit in. After all that, you still have to prep the base guard fleet if there is one, then send your base fleet in. Sorry, don't have all day to play for a base hit. My vote, bad idea:(
  • labaron26
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    Unless someone has already asked this question....What about those who are members of more than one Alliance?...How would you identify which Alliance they are acting for...Seems this would be quite confusing.
  • Sargenti_Outsiders
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    the idea is good but may not create the desired effect and since the info you have given us is extreamly limited there really is no way anyone could respond with any better ideas basicly the way I understand this new feature you thinking of doing means now an attacker will have to possibly battle a couple hundred when attacking an alliance member. based on the info given I see a lot less battles and fleets on the board as it being to costly and not worth the effort but again that will be determined by the details you haven't stated
  • EvilGeniusReborn
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    Would have to see the official Alliance system before judging

    Kixeye. Killing the game, one upgrade at a time.

  • samielb
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    My concern with this is that it gives every advantage to defenders and provides nothing to the attacker. There needs to be balance to such an implementation so that the attacker can have help and protection too.
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  • kevin the terrible
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    why do we have too be in an alliance? pirates are distrustfull of other pirates and normally only band together in 2s 0r 3s not whole fleets i have managed too get too lvl 26 without an alliance but i would not with this new idea
  • Ironclad
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    Terrible Idea it will cost defenders TOO much and attackers just as much.
    i see people going on about how they want more base defences more towers defence fleets etc these people are OBVIOUSLY not planning on attacking bases at all whilst they play this game its difficult enough as it is. So many people gonna cry about how many fleets they losing whilst defending other peoples bases because "its a great idea" my base will keep the best of them out dreads aswell as a prep ;) . All this because PEOPLE DONT WANT TO THINK HOW TO KEEP OTHERS OUT. surely it would be part of the No skill policy?

    LETS HAVE NO MORE DEFENCE UPDATES it is throwing in an imbalance lets be able to expand our fleets more eg 6 in a fleet . more maximum weight for fleets a 3rd slot for FFs and HHs shorter repair times, lets sort the current Glitches out B4 we add new ones.
    The END game is no longer for the NON coiner but then again they have brought it on for themselves ;)
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