Submarine Equipment Specials

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    I just had to add my 2 cents.... Any special that allows a sub to stay underwater longer is..... how do i say this lightly.... stupid.

    Yes there are plenty of counters to subs, but for a ship that anyone from level 12 up can build, they are overpowered already. Maybe subs arent the problem. Perhaps havok 4's do too much damage.

    I for one am tired of seeing 90% of the ships in every battle that breaks out being subs.
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    Without speed they are useless, in knitting engines are needed.

    I know it's a typo, but it made me chuckle. Thank you. and I'll add engines so I can finish those sweaters and blankets more
  • Brian Goguen
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    ok lets just throw all the cards on the table,where are the aircraft carriers!!!
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    ok lets just throw all the cards on the table,where are the aircraft carriers!!!

    Carriers with P3 Orion equivalents or S3 Viking equivalents! .... if subsurface fleets can have such a large advantage then surface fleets should have a large counter to them (personally i prefer the S3, it looked **** mean for its mission)...

    Otherwise give them damage times commensurate to their abilities... i have had FF and HH fleets taken out by subs which just sit out of range.. give them 10hr to 16hr repair times as well so when my wolves take damage killing them the subs actually suffer real damage as they would in the RW... no navy on the planet sends damaged subs out to sea and they are a lot harder to repair than surface vessels

    There was never a need for subs to be introduced in the first place.. when i started it was my BB's against fortresses and levi's and I lost more times than I won.. however I also learned how to fight FvF rather than skulking around like sub **** do (and i still wipe the floor with them when i can be bothered lowering myself to the gutter (which is rare))
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    Air craft carriers are the stupidest idea ever. I could just see it taking months to even get them half way working right. Please STFU about carriers and let them take care of business as they see fit!
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    Thanks for all the feedback you provided on the topic. Your opinions have been compiled, filtered and passed on for the developers to read. At this point, the window to help shape the future of this feature has closed, so the thread is now closed as well.
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