on the last mission 25/25 war commander stopped working (missing plug in)

Richard R
Richard R
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so now i was not able to finish the operation red storm task even though i was already over halfway through the last mission to unlock. is there any remedy to this issue as i cant even play the game now which i dont even know why i cant... admin help plz
  • Omega Dawn
    Omega Dawn
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    Should Have Closed Browser Completely & The Game Would Have Loaded Again.
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    Lies. Jackrabbits have a hidden skill you have to unlock first, it can actually wipe almost a whole base. Why else do you think many of the leader board are so far ahead of everyone else?
  • Q Rich
    Q Rich
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    The only plugin required is Flash, if that isn't working, then uninstall flash and reinstall it to see if that fixes it.
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