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Nicholas Charles Paque
Nicholas Charles Paque
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I completely destroyed the base and while on the last gun turret, I walked away long enough for the "are you there" to pop up. when I went back to the base it was whole again. I spent 2 bucks in credits. I would either like to have the problem fixed or my money back.


  • Elder_Lee
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    Sorry to hear that you have experience an unsaved game event, which happens when you don't complete a game save process.

    Since you left your computer online without any activity you were disconnected from the system. The "Are you there" pop up, which means you timed out and were disconnected.

    Since you never returned to your base the auto-save game action never took place, so all the work you did on taking out the base was lost.

    That is why when you reconnected you found that the base had reset.

    This is not a bug.

    You will have to clear the base level once more, make sure each time you clear a level you return to your base and force a save by banking resources to insure the game saves your progress.
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  • Nicholas Charles Paque
    Nicholas Charles Paque
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    Not true. I had left the base several times, saving my progress. All I had to do is destroy two gun turrets. Even if the game play did not save, it should have at the very least placed me back to where I needed to be in order to destroy the turrets.
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