game stops suddenly

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i don't know why it happens!mostly happen when im checking my war room or scouting others,i click on war room and names never come or i click scout\attack and i can't get into player's base,or sometimes when i finish my attack i can't come back to my base...

i've waited minutes till the game goes offline automaticly,i've refreshed the page but it won't load the game,i've disconnected my connection,deleted my history,used CCleaner and even restarted the laptop still not loading the game..after like 15-20 minutes the game comes back and after couple of opening war room and scout\attack same thing happens again

i know it's not related to my operation system cuz i bought the laptop couple of months ago and it supports every **** game(and it was expensive lol) corei5 4GB ram and everything was set by professionals

i have an old laptop which's still working fine,when the game jammed in my new laptop i opened my old 1 and opened the game and it was working with no problem

is there something i could do to stop this from happening in my new laptop?
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    laptops can create problems sometimes....
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