Mercenary Fleets - What Were You Doing?

  • silly
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    i have been haveing this issue a lot as well.
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  • Davo the Twisted
    Davo the Twisted
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    It happened when a friend gifted me a fleet.
    I saw the FB notice that merc fleet and res crate were sent by the same individual 4 hrs ago. Upon loading the game, I saw an additional res crate but no additional merc. Merc counter shows 7 hrs 52 mins to go.

    Good luck with this one.
  • Hipper
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    It happened when a friend gifted me a fleet.
    I saw the FB notice that merc fleet and res crate were sent by the same individual 4 hrs ago. Upon loading the game, I saw an additional res crate but no additional merc. Merc counter shows 7 hrs 52 mins to go.

    Good luck with this one.

    Similar here - yesterday I could launch, today I accepted a gift and now I wanted to launch - according to the program one happened to have launched about 4 1/2 hours ago...

    ****, I lost about 10 fleets already.
  • valentino
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    How is it that since the beginning of the game there have been no major problems with merc fleets?

    Now since the end of January we are having all kinds of trouble with them. Did the game get hacked? Maybe the programmers are out to lunch, and never came back. Do you need another programmer? I'm sure I can find you a kid who sits in his mothers basement hacking computers all day, and he would be able to fix it.

    I understand it's a game, and with so many players there are many variables. And I typically don't like to complain.... However if the problem isn't getting fixed, or there has been progress on the fix, could you at least keep us informed?
  • RRs_reaper
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    I'm still losing a merc a day, I have gone from 30 down to 15. I receive a merc fleet a day from friends...I've noticed what the problem is. If I have a merc launched then I'm fine, but if I log off while I don't have a merc fleet launched, but have the option to launch one, then when I come back online (whether it is 5 minutes or 5 hours later) it has automatically taken (launched) a merc fleet. I say taken because it doesnt actually launch the fleet for your dispossal, it only takes it from your stock. Now if I have a merc launched when I log off then it doesn't automatically start the next one, so as long as I'm logged off when the current merc timers runs out then it wont auto launch again until I log back on and leave again...Hope this helps, Good Luck
  • CyberPaddy66
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    I checked earlier today and it told me I had a little over 7 hours until I could launch a Merc Fleet, I accepted a merc fleet gift from a friend about 2hurs later and it's now telling me I have over 11 hours to go before I can launch a Merc Fleet!


    The only way round this bug that I have found is to not accept any gifts from any friends until AFTER you have launched you fleet.

  • Aldon
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    i think it also has something to do with you opening the window to launch a merc fleet. I can receive them but if i don't open that window it doesn't seem to self launch. Just have some ppl try it, dont touch the icon for the merc fleets for a day or 2 and then open, you should get the sent merc fleets and be able to launch one. If you don't launch one i bet that it'll do it for you. Try it and see if it works.
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  • stevenkp
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    yes i still am having issues with my mercenaries being sent out without me doing so. and yet no merc this is an issue that needs attenchion a.s.a.p.
  • TheBigMan
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    I dont know much detail or what I may be doing for this to happen.

    IF and thats a big IF i can ever get a merc fleet or sendone is a problem all in itsself. My wife gets tons of them yet she cant even send me one.

    This week I have gotten 1 merc fleet. It was on my accoung when I logged on, I logged off for a few and when I came back it was gone. I played for a few, logged out.... logged back in and wow it was there. Now here is the bad part lol I DID NOT log out but had to refresh and guess what?!?!?! IT WAS GONE again.

    I think Im going to put out a reward of 3 salvages level 6 or below for anyone who can find my missing fleet and tow it back for me. LOL

    OK JUST NOW UPDATE:::: I logged in again just 5 minutes after posting this message and I have a merc fleet. 25 minuted before it was gone.

    Sorry just had to but some humor in here.
    P.S. If its attacking your base or ships please distroy it I dont like munity... lol
  • Digger Jones
    Digger Jones
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    when I refreshed after timing out I was missing a Merc fleet. I have not deployed.
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  • lfw003
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    3rd time I get a timer and lost a merc fleet and I did not launch any!!!!! You owe me 3 merc fleets. What is up with this stuff?
  • ProgressiveBounce
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    Yes, I have the same problem with my Mercenary Fleets. I have 57 Merc's right now I just deployed one. From now on everytime I get it as a gift I have to deploy It. If I dont, it will deploy by it self on the 58th Merc. It is still going on. And its always on the 58th Mercanery Fleet. I thought someone hacked my account to be honest with you. I dont think anyone is doing this to mne, that I know of. Its freaking me out!!! please help..... THANX
  • TSMASH1988
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    Im having the exact same problem, my mercs are just launching by themselves into merc heaven if im not online to catch them as the timer comes up
  • Mjollnir
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    My mercs keep disappearing while I am logged off as if I launched them, yet there is no merc fleet in sight. This has been happening for at least 2 weeks now, possibly more. I hope you can sort this out soon as it is really frustrating to not be able to use them when necessary.
  • someonehere
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    merc fleet keeps saying got to wait 2hrs 11 mins to deploy id#1530774
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    My merc fleet just launched and i dont usually use my merc fleets this is messed up!!! this is 4 fleets that has done this already User ID is: 2577170
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  • Kickass BDS
    Kickass BDS
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    this has been going on for months now. i have lost dozens of merc fleets due to this "glitch" (read someone screwed up the code). once again more issues plague this game yet you still insist on making major changes...which more often than not cause more issues....nice one kixeye. guess we can use the old "beta" excuse to try to get out of it again huh....LOL
    btw i expect to have my mercs replaced if this is ever fixed since its your fault they are auto-launching.
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    i just came on lost another merc fleet i dont know why
    merc glitch.jpg

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  • cawellington
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    Greetings Captains,

    Since you've first been reporting issues with the mercenary fleets, our Quality Assurance have been trying to localize the issue on our end. We need a little help from you guys as we need to find a common element of what is causing the issue. Please report below specifically what you were doing when you first encountered issues with your mercenary fleets. No detail is too small.

    Thanks guys, we want to fix this as much as you do. :cool:
    I had changed sectors (21-180 then (18 back to 21). But the problem started before I left and hasn't stopped. I launched a merc this morning and it said I had 15 mercenary fleets. I just went back into my base and it says I only have 13 now. by the number of mercs I have received in the last week alone I should have (best guesstimate) 21 but when I click on them the timer is already running and if I refresh I lose another fleet. from the number I have counted just cooking off without me launching them I have lost 12 all together. These are fleets that I have had on the books but not launched. I have no idea how many more I have been given that have just disappeared. I just started keeping track of those in the last week or so.

    Love the game but this is getting frustrating. I know you hear it all the time guys, but i finally have a merc that is worth using and yesterday was the first time I could launch one. Today I lost 2 by launching the one.

    Sector 21

    ID 1296948
  • thanatos35117
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    It has been about a week since i have been able to deploy a merc fleet. Every time that I go to do so, it gives me a countdown timer with a random amount of time before i can deploy me next fleet. The count of fleets is going up as people send them to me, but I am unable to deploy them.
  • CableZL
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    I think the problem with merc fleets lies in the gifting of merc fleets. I had 13 merc fleets a few hours ago and could launch one if I wanted to. Now I suddenly have 12 left, and 10 hours left to launch another one.
  • scudmonkey
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    Absolutely nothing...wasnt logged into the game even...yet when i logged on it tells me i cant launch a merc fleet for another 10 basically a merc supposedely launched itself then disappeared 2 hours before i came online ?
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  • Captain Slacker
    Captain Slacker
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  • Flashbugga
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    I have similar issue..

    My amount shown in merc fleets, keeps reducing...
    I cannot launch a fleet because the timer is already running ..

    User ID is: 482442
  • SalvageSmuggler
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    This does appear to be a random glitch i used a merc fleet 2 days in a row and for that time i was receiving 1 a day as i normally do until yesterday when i went to launch a merc fleet which had been ready when i logged in earlier that day was now missing replaced by a timer at 11h xxm very annoying as my count is now staying at around 50 fleets and has not risen above 53 fleets since the last raid despite only using 2 fleets in this time and receiving 1 every day.

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  • CyberPaddy66
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    Noticed today that I had 2 pending app requests which I assume are gift and merc however in trying to log into the game WITHOUT ACCEPTING the gifts or mercs the game told me I had to wait 5 hours until I could launch the fleets so I went back to the app request page and THE REQUESTS ARE NOT THERE...

    I've only managed to launch a single merc fleet in the last month, when are you going to fix this bug KIXEYE?

    ALSO there's absolutely no point my taking part in the upcoming invasion without my mercs and as I can't afford to BUY the repairs I'll need in order to even get to the 1st quota point I feel totally let down yet again by the game developers :(


    Only those with Credit Cards seem able to play in these events now which means they become even ore unbalanced and the game suffers as a result and I'm not even going to start on the hackers!!!
  • Amy Nordstrom
    Amy Nordstrom
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    ID is: 2776327 So everytime I log on to BP now I find that one of my merc fleets has launched itself but can't be found. This started again yesterday. I had 5 fleets, went to launch a mercenary fleet the counter went to 4 and said I had already launched one and I had 10hrs left before I could launch another one. This morning I was still at 4, went to launch one and it said I had already launched one for today and I have 11 hrs before I can launch another. I haven't used a merc in over a week. This is my THIRD post on this problem. Amy
  • Alan 'Aqua Mole' Hailes
    Alan 'Aqua Mole' Hailes
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    is it possible that it has something to do with ppl who have more than 50 mercs? mine seems to be stuck at about 50.
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  • mex
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    my merc fleets self luanching had 5 now i have one -__- :(
  • Steven Do
    Steven Do
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    My mercs keep getting deployed after the last one runs out. Any ideas on how to stop this?

    Can I get this fixed before the big event?

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