Mercenary Fleets - What Were You Doing?

  • bubbagump1954
    Joined Jun 2011 Posts: 4
    Not doing ANYTHING. I have not launced a merc in two days, it has happened before but I thought it was my fault, I forgot, NO I didn' I checked in and after being inactive for two days, I get a message saying that I could launce a merc in 11 hours blah blah blah...I have NOT LAUNCHED one in two days. what the hell
  • bobby_b
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 13
    I just logged in and had not done anything at all and my merc fleet dropped from 13 to 12.
  • baybblue4u
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    Go figure... Lost yet another merc fleet and havent launched and KIXEYE STILL HASNT DONE CRAP ABOUT IT... wow what a shocker.. :mad:
  • HanQuinJao2
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    the timer has been not working right (only letting me launch merc every 24-72 hours) ever since like a week into research on FF which was about 1 week ago.

    It was OK for a couple days, but now a few days into building my first FF, it's messing up again.

    I've just been doing normal stuff, hitting salvages, bases, got my base attacked a couple times, upgraded a couple harvesters. I have not collected my resource crates and have not collected the award for completing a mission. Waiting for the right time.
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  • SavAHoe
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    From what ive noticed Swag, When i logg on and enter base, Icon is flashing, and i can launch. If i go to base first [Without launching anything, just clicking "base"], and come back in, I can no longer launch a merc. I however have multiples in reserve [alot less then i used to.], So not sure if this helps you.

    I used to joke.. "Wish kixeye would let me use up all these mercs!" but i didnt mean without them benefitting me. :)
  • Tina Wagner
    Tina Wagner
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 4
    i haven't been able to use a merc in 2 days.. said i had 9 hours, then 3.. and thats over the course of 24 and ive noticed them dropping in numbers as well.. i had 19 last night, now i have 18. and i couldn't deploy one.. so where did it go? is this Battle Pirates? or the Bermuda Triangle?

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  • Ignace Suenaert
    Ignace Suenaert
    Joined Aug 2011 Posts: 21
    seems the bug has hit me also now, i've been saving up my mercs for quite some time and the last 2 weeks i saw my number of mercs stayed put at 93, while i got msg's from my friends saying they've still sent me.
    Now for the last 3 days my merc counter is going down instead of up :confused: while i haven't launched a merc in over a week :(
    I won't be running out of a merc fleet any time soon, but still i didn't save em up just to see em vanish as snow in the sun without using them.
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  • Charles Botts
    Charles Botts
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    Joined Feb 2011 Posts: 128
    ya i was finally able to use a merc last night. I should have been able to send one out by now, but when i logged on, the counter re-started @ 12 hours...
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  • Undertaker
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    I have another time remaining for my Merc fleet but no merc is out. I am building a rocket at this moment and the time remaining for my Merc is exactly the same as the time remaining for my rocket to be built. Hope this helps.
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  • Achi11es
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    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 228
    I am having same problems. I hadn't used a merc in 2 days and last night when i tried to launch 1 it said that i had over 4 hours till i could. I didn't wait as it was late so went to bed. I just came online about 20 min ago and noticed that i had 1 less merc (last night i had 2 and now i only have 1) and the timer says i have to wait over 10 hours before i can launch.

    I figure its a glitch which by the way i wasn't going to report seeing as it takes you guys forever to fix, if you guys ever do at all.
  • scouser-doyle
    Potential Threat
    Joined Aug 2011 Posts: 36
    I had 32 mercs last night I accepted somebody's gift and still had 32, I have just logged on now and I have 31 what is going on?
  • krafty
    Joined Jun 2011 Posts: 17
    Same issue here, seems to be automatically reducing my merc fleets. Have been unable to use a merc for the last week and the number i have available is reducing. Checking the logs it doesn;t appear that any was ever launched as noone as hit them. Trust me, if there was any ship outside my base it would have been hit by someone! my id 301945 and user name krafty
  • Devildawg
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    Joined Jul 2011 Posts: 29
    I haven't been able to launch a Merc fleet in 2-3 days. I have 64 available but yet have no access to them.
  • Achi11es
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 228
    Still can't launch a merc and another one has appeared and the timer shows i have over 11 hours before i can launch another one. And no i am not using them yet the number of merc's i have keep reducing. User ID is: 4108385
  • Mike Ballenger Mtm
    Mike Ballenger Mtm
    Potential Threat
    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 32
    don't know if this helps but Yesterday I logged off with 18 mins left till I could launch a fleet logged back on 20 mins later with it telling me I had 11hrs 54 mins left till I could launch.. Today I stayed on till my timer ended and was able to launch a Merc.. Also yesterday when the timer reset it used a merc so it seems it thinks it is launching them even tho I had no merc
  • HanQuinJao2
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined Sep 2011 Posts: 548
    people in my alliance are chatting right now, they are talking about this very issue (merc timer). They are saying that their number of merc fleets is decreasing and the timer is apparently resetting every 12 hours.

    Example... you launch a merc fleet at midnight. You play with it or it expires, and you are not logged on at noon, but it "fake auto launches" a merc fleet. Your count decreases by 1 but there is not an actual merc fleet launched that you can use. You log on that afternoon (I'll say 3 pm) and find that you have something like 9 hours before you can launch another merc fleet. You wonder why, because you haven't launched one since midnight so you should be able to launch one now, it's been 15 hours. But without you knowing it, the game used up one of your merc fleets and reset the timer.

    That's what they are saying in my alliance chat right now.

    I, too, have noticed my number of merc fleets in reserve gradually decreasing. Much faster than I am using them.
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  • CyberPaddy66
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    Joined May 2011 Posts: 70
    I have had 77 Merrcs for a few weeks now, my friends send me 1 a day every day yet the merc fleet count hasn't gone up because of this Ghost Fleet deployment.

    Today I REALLY needed a merc fleet to hit salvage because all my other fleets are busted too bad to fight and it's telling me I have 11h 23m before my next merc is ready, I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO LAUNCH A SINGLE MERC FLEET FOR 2 WEEKS!

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  • asavage01
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    Joined Jul 2011 Posts: 284
    They just keep launching and dwindling without me getting the use of one. It seems if someone send me a merc and I am not online and I am able to launch a merc it phantoms launches one that cant be used.
  • Patrick_S
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 4
    I had 2 merc fleets available yesterday. When I logged on today it said merc fleets can only be launched every 12 hours and I have 10 hours left to launch. I did not launch a merc fleet to begin with.
  • Kang SPZ
    Kang SPZ
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    Joined Jun 2011 Posts: 85
    I have no clue when it started. It was over 3 weeks ago though I would say over a month. I never use mercs but I started to notice my number of merc fleets had stopped going up. In fact I was thinking it may be going down. I went to click on it and it said I couldn't use one for X amount of hours. I never complained about it because it does not affect me. (since i do not use them) But if your offering any compensation I'll gladly take it :)
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  • Walk the plank
    Walk the plank
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    Joined Jun 2011 Posts: 44
    I have the same problem... Merc fleets ghost launching and me losing them... I went to use one tonight and it currently counting backwards at 9 hours. Please solve this. Thanks.

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  • Damian Torres
    Damian Torres
    Joined Jun 2011 Posts: 13
    I'm loosing my mercenary fleet 1 per day =S
  • jonny cabbage
    jonny cabbage
    Incursion Leader
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 1,345
    im having a problem, aint used a merc 4 weeks n now i cant launch 1 4 25 mins, kinda winds me up
  • frost
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue as many have posted. I have lost approximently 10 merc fleets. I will enter the game and have a msg that someone sent me a merc fleet only to have my number available the same as it was. I will go to launch a merc fleet only to see I have X number of hours before I can launch again.. I never launched in the first place. I thought initially it was being initiated when I logged in; however recently it is automatically launching a merc fleet at times when I am not even online.
  • tishbombish
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 556
    Mine have been going missing .. have 50 .. just checked .. i can launch one today .. couldnt last time i looked .. id say its 2 /3 weeks ive had 3 mercs arrived.. i usually get 1 a day .. have nearly 90 BP friends .
  • peg_leg
    Joined Jan 2012 Posts: 8
    i have had this problem w/ my merc fleet, it goes on the land and uncontrollable.after i just hit a base,within seconds it was going over land.btw i lost the battle
  • DJPyro nmo
    DJPyro nmo
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Aug 2011 Posts: 202
    unfortunately i can't help with much to no info i can't remember the last time i used a merc i tried to use one just now and got a timer i've been doing normal things like killing cargo fleets and base's but still can't use my merc i have 35 now and get them daily but i just don't know how long this has been going on for :( sorry i couldn't help more than this. DJPyro of sector 275 user ID 876523
    User ID: 876523
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    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 64
    kix, whats point of ppl sending me mercs fleets if when i log on there not there and the ones i had saved up are GONE TOO.
  • spencerspitdog
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 13
    its a little too soon to say but i think it has stopped doing it on my account because i came on today and the timer was not on, nor was the number of mercenary fleets lower. i shall check again tomorrow to give a better prognosis on my situation
  • Elusive-Death
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    Joined May 2011 Posts: 433
    My mercs still launch by themselves pretty weird bug.
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