Mercenary Fleets - What Were You Doing?

  • Flokkie
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 15
    Didnt do different than other days, mining and upgrading my base.. Lost like 13 fleets by now.
    Sometimes i dont need it, than i can use a merc fleet but just a few hours later the timer is counting down and lost another fleet without getting one..
  • StormSquall
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    Joined Apr 2011 Posts: 26
    Happen again. Last night .. I accepted a fleet from a friend. Didn't do anything but pull out all my fleets to defend my base. Checked now and It says I have 6 hours left till next dispatch. 6 hours ago I was a sleep..
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  • Hookem2255
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 4
    Launched a merc yesterday afternoon I think, come to launch another one today....says I have 10 hours left untill I can launch another.

    Also, I had around 40-42 feets, now I have like 36. Not that I would ever run out, just letting yall know.
  • Captain_Midnight
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined May 2011 Posts: 298
    i simply logged into game and now im down 4 mercs, i have screen shots each day showing my total going down so let me knwo when u fix it and u can give me them back
  • Fire_DS
    Strike-force Captain
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 933
    I haven't been able to launch a Merc in over a week just keeps showing me a timer as stated in earlier post.

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  • valentino
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    Joined May 2011 Posts: 26
    I too am having the same problem with merc fleets not being available to launch when they should be. It has been over 24 hours and still I'm told I can't launch a fleet for another 7 hours. I don't use merc fleets very often. I haven't watched it enough to see if there is a pattern, but I will keep checking.
  • Jay M
    Jay M
    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 1
    You wanted to know exactly what we were doing when Merc fleets disappeared and tonight I activated one, went and attacked another base, came back and got attacked and it just disappeared while being attacked. That makes 7 or 8 that have just disappeared while engaging in normal BP activities.
  • 0x0
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    Joined Aug 2011 Posts: 50
    this bug has come back to me just now.
    had it some time ago (see previous post) and it is back now and just as frustrating...
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  • Adam Merritt
    Adam Merritt
    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 1
    Hey there.
    Been meaning to log this problem but ya get that...
    Anyway... I originally thought that these had some time frame & if not used then they are removed, but keeping an eye on them alot closer I noticed that each one that self launched was not available in the MAP screen but I had the cooldown counter!
    This has been going on for about a month to 2 months now.
    Lost approx 8 fleets, mabye more...
    I lost one only today since I have been logged on. I was on 4 then next time I went back into the webpage (was on another page at the same time) I had lost one & cooldown timer was 11hrs 45 mins.

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    Would appreciate the 8 returned due to this bug!

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  • Phoenix123
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    Joined Oct 2011 Posts: 37

    I have posted already about this, but just noticed something. I was sent a gift request, I went to accept it and it told me I had already accepted all my gifts. Went to launch a merc and it wont let me as have nearly 12 hours to wait. Dont know if it is relevant or not?

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  • mrnice
    Joined Oct 2011 Posts: 4
    After my last upgrade to doc 9 , about a week or so ago i noticed my merc fleet number had started dropping , didnt care too much as i have not been using them , but now for the past few days whenever i try to send one out i get the counter up telling be i have to wait ???.

    and if that is not bad enough after getting on a salvage hunt and filling up my wh i got an under attack message lost LOADS of res and have nothing in my batt log , also no one near me saw anything ,,, Kixeye ,,,what´s going on ?
  • Ron Valk
    Ron Valk
    Incursion Leader
    Joined Jul 2011 Posts: 1,190
    ID: 906019

    I deployed a merc this morning, my time around 06.30 am.
    I just log in on BP, and a friend did destroyed my merc by accident, because he tought i was under attack.
    Till now no problem, but i checked my merc-fleet, somebody did send me a merc fleet and i didnt recieved it and also i can deploy a new merc after 9 hrs.
    And here its now 5.00 PM.

    Normal every 12 hrs i should be able to deploy a new merc fleet, but here is now also a delay, and i didnt recieved my merc what was send to me.

    I only loged in, didnt do anything else.
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  • Paul Watson
    Paul Watson
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Jul 2011 Posts: 117
    half an hour ago i went to check on my other games on FB, had 2 mercs. when i went back to BP i only had one and now i have to wait 5 more hours before i can launch the last one i got. my id is 374204
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  • Psycho141
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 2
    Same problem: I haven't launch anithing, I've loose 1 merc fleet and I have to wait before be able to launch....
  • Wojo
    Potential Threat
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 80
    I had the same thing I had 7 fleets availableno merc out, got attacked came back and now only 6 left and the timers is at 11 hrs and change WTF.
  • valentino
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    Joined May 2011 Posts: 26
    Greetings Captains,

    Since you've first been reporting issues with the mercenary fleets, our Quality Assurance have been trying to localize the issue on our end. We need a little help from you guys as we need to find a common element of what is causing the issue. Please report below specifically what you were doing when you first encountered issues with your mercenary fleets. No detail is too small.

    Thanks guys, we want to fix this as much as you do. :cool:

    Any updates yet?
    Also having trouble seeing battles on the world map. Ships and bases are not showing up red, even after multiple refreshes.
  • cdj
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 383
    for the first time in days i finally been able to lauch a merc fleet its 12 hours later and my merc is damaged almost 50% ...tell me y it says i just lauched another merc and now my alreayd injured merc has another 12 hour life span
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  • 0x0
    Potential Threat
    Joined Aug 2011 Posts: 50
    This has been corrected for me now....
  • The D
    The D
    Potential Threat
    Joined Jan 2012 Posts: 35
    Any word on getting this fixed? I would like to be able to use one with it being a "ghost" lol
  • RRs_reaper
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 6
    had mercs in the 30's, i'm now down to the teens, I lose a merc every 12hrs to a day and now I am unable to receive them as well. Any updates on the situation?
  • Crystal Luna
    Crystal Luna
    Joined Jan 2012 Posts: 11
    I've been losing Mercs as well. I have been receiving them as gifts and not using them yet so I WAS up to 12 Mercs. Every day for the last 3 or 4 days that I have logged in I've noticed I'm down by 1 Merc and it tells me I can not deploy another until *Insert time limit here*. I haven't done anything but upgrade my dock and did recently jump sectors. Not sure what's going on but it's rather strange to be losing what isn't being used LOL
  • absolutely_pissed
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined May 2011 Posts: 529

    Was out killin salvages returned and repaired just before my last one came into dock it launched one. It removed it from my count. my count hasnt gone up at all the last few weeks because of this and my friends keep sending them. i cant use them and this is getting kind of irritating. if you cant fix the problem then you really should remove it until you can. A statement like that will probably piss off the masses but if its not working then you should really pull it and start over.
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  • DaneDukeNuuk
    Potential Threat
    Joined Sep 2011 Posts: 43
    i'm doing nothing at all i recieve a merc or two per login and have the game start counting them down and giving me no merc fleet and i and deducted one every 12 houers or so

    Greetings Captains,

    Since you've first been reporting issues with the mercenary fleets, our Quality Assurance have been trying to localize the issue on our end. We need a little help from you guys as we need to find a common element of what is causing the issue. Please report below specifically what you were doing when you first encountered issues with your mercenary fleets. No detail is too small.

    Thanks guys, we want to fix this as much as you do. :cool:
  • dkspires
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 3
    ok this is getting redicoulous everytime i get a merc fleet im at seven it automatically launchs most of the time im not even on the game so i wish you would get this glitch fixed as do many other players thank you
  • u0087966
    Potential Threat
    Joined Sep 2011 Posts: 42
    A bunch of issue have been happening to me.

    I've lost merc fleets while performing a short hit on a base.

    I haven't used merc fleet for over 24 hours yet when I try to lauch it tells me to wait 9 hours.....7 hours later it states I have 4 more hours left.

    I'm in sector 314...User ID# 1593076
  • DSAAC-Steve
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 2
    I thought this was fixed because I havent lost a fleet for a few days.........until today :(
  • David Boland
    David Boland
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined May 2010 Posts: 132
    Haven't launched one in weeks all I get is that stupid counter have like 46 now
  • TheLostGuardian
    Unicorn Overlord
    Joined Aug 2011 Posts: 2,584
    same thing i totally agree my meercs have been going down in number over the days and was gonna luanch one counter got me
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  • Menace
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    Joined Aug 2011 Posts: 78
    First off, it's been days since I launched any Mercenary Fleets.
    Well in the afternoon I was just collecting salvage and when I went to help on an assault I tried to call one up, timer said I still had 4 hrs. I checked later ( more than 4 hrs) and I could have launched one but didn't need to. Today I was collecting salvage and wanted to see what my newer merc may look like and it said I had 8hrs till I could launch one.
    I checked around 10 pm EST when it said I could launch, it was 245pm EST when it told me I had 8 hrs till I could launch. I never launched in the last several days. I had reported this before but it seemed to have corrected itself, but alas, no, it's the same thing again. VERY AGGRAVATING!
    Last time I reported it through the " Report/Contact this App" link, but deleted the response email after it appeared to have been corrected.
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  • Scottie1972
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined May 2011 Posts: 166
    well i have not used a Merc Fleet in over a week.
    But! Every time I go to use one it seems I have to wait some amount of time.
    Sometimes it say 11Hrs sometimes it say 5hrs....

    I know this bug has been on going for a while.
    But now I cant even defend my base or send a Merc fleet to help anyone.
    Please find out what is going on and fix this.

    User ID: 195805
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