Mercenary Fleets - What Were You Doing?

  • the.k9
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    wasnt doing a thing each day 1 merc fleet vanishes and the timer starts...
  • captin-BPEL2
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    I am in sector 338 BP name is captin dr338 ID# is2062711.I have had 79 mercenary fleets for the past few weeks everytime i get up to 80 within a day or 2 while i'm off line it takes one away and says i can not send one out for 7 or 8 hours.So i can not use the ones i have left.I never drop under 79.When you fix this will we get the ones we lost back?
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  • Runewolf
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    Dark_Lycan---player name
    Mike Klaiss --- actual name

    Gotten this the last 8 times a merc would be available, but never got to launch one.
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  • Runewolf
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    BP ID: 330206
    sector: 107
    Gamer name: Dark_Lycan
    Real name: Mike Klaiss

    Got this message last 8 times I clicked on merc to launch. Always at 12 hours as if I just launched, but never get a merc fleet.
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    User ID is: 330206
    Currently in: sector 237
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  • bigt
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    I went into my base and saw i had 2 mercs missing I had 69 now only have 67 haven't touched them in days. I clicked on the Merc and said i have 4 hours until launch again.

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  • Pavnix
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    My Partner is in 117 and can't even launch his merc fleets and they aren't levelling up as he is

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  • amikiep
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    I just noticed that it said 3 hrs till launch ??? and I thought I didnt launch any for awhile .Well for last week every time I check its around 3 hrs till launch. Is this Groundhogs Day .
  • onepenguindv
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    I have not been able to launch a merc fleet for the last two weeks. When I first log on it shows that I am able to launch one but by the time I come back to actually launch one it says that I have to wait 2 or more hours before I can. Please fix ASAP
  • John Scribner
    John Scribner
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 13
    I have 21 Mercenary fleets, though I should have more. I have been unable to launch a Mercenary fleet for nearly 2 weeks and I am ALWAYS 9 1/2 hours away from being able to launch one.
    If my Mercenary fleets are "self launching" how come I never see them? I do not even know what ships would be in my Mercenary fleets at this point since I have not been able to launch one since I researched Seawolfs which I now have 5 of.
    I'm getting tired of spending money on this game since it does not work, I should be able to use a Mercenary to take out the fleets guarding the bases of those who have attacked me.
    I should not have to use my own fleets and pay or wait for them to be repaired when that is what my Mercenary fleets would normally be used for.
    I am sure that I have lost "at least" a dozen Mercenary fleets to this bug and have had to spend credits repairing fleets that I would not have used if I had Mercenary fleets.

    I have to say this game seems to be as full of bugs as the Zynga games that I no longer play for exactly that reason. I'll tell you the same thing I told Zynga when I started playing this game,
    fix the problems and make it right or I will spend my money on games from another developer.

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  • TTZ
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    I have 10 hour 38 mins from my next merc fleet, so I must have launched one 1 hour 22 minutes ago while my computer was not switched on. Okay no I launched one over 24 hour ago. I used to think it was 24 hour after the last end time of a fleet, but it would seam that when you get a fleet sent while under a timer that fleet gets lost and the timer resets to 12 hours again, but that does not explain my current timer unless it is adding 12 hour each time.

    I have 71 of the things but I don't use them much since they got nerfed, I get better hulls and weapons they get more nerfed, it seamed to be when I made a sub fleet that did the last nerfing. I used to be able to take a lvl7 salv and 2 lvl6 with one, not any more I can't take a lv6 with one.
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  • David the First
    David the First
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    Greetings Captains,

    Since you've first been reporting issues with the mercenary fleets, our Quality Assurance have been trying to localize the issue on our end. We need a little help from you guys as we need to find a common element of what is causing the issue. Please report below specifically what you were doing when you first encountered issues with your mercenary fleets. No detail is too small.

    Thanks guys, we want to fix this as much as you do. :cool:

    just a guess here.....but i notice that the ammount of time missing from the launch is about the ammount of time that i had played or from when i first logged in ...........could it be in the start up..say unless you already had timer running it starts it,cause when i wait for timer to run down i can get a merc out otherwise it usually is already running
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  • lonestarbandit
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    I also am losing mercs. I wish there was any details I could provide but I don't really have anything in addition to what has been posted here.... just watching my merc supply dwindle and hoping they find the a solution. Also what about all the missing mercs will players be compensated in some way? Replacement mercs, gold, something? Many of us that keep our friends list small have built up our supply painstakingly slow over time and to watch it eroding when we cant replace quickly and are receiving no use of them is annoying to say the least.
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    hello people,,this is GHOSTRIDERSMAMAJAMMA in sector 232 i just logged into BP> i get my gifts,,and for about a week now the resource crate is there,, but the merc fleet either is, or WAS showing on the screen,,but dissapears after the resource crate is accepted????.whats going on KIXEYE is this issue being addressed? .HELLO ive lost about 5 days worth of mercenery fleets now !!!!
  • MNH_85
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    when i get a mercenary fleet it is gone missing after a short while as if i launched it although i didn't and its not on the map also........why?
  • Madman Sharp
    Madman Sharp
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    For me, i was doing nothing, it seems to me that when the timer runs out, it takes another merc from me, without me even deploying it, i have lost at least 10 merc fleets since this has started. i wasent even on for 24 hrs one time and it said i deployed a merc fleet 2 hrs before i even got on, makes no sense, there is my input, cheers.... :)
  • Team Ramrod
    Team Ramrod
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    I have just started noticing my mercs numbers available have been dropping. I just looked and apparently I launched one 46mins ago. 46mins ago I was even on the computer, let alone launching mercs. The last time I (myself physically) launched a merc was over a week ago. I know I am not the only one this is happening to as everyone I have spoken to has had this happen to them and I hear it constantly in comms.

    Also, my brother was showing me the other day that when he does get a merc available and uses it, he only has 2 weapons on his levis and 4 on his FF and basically no armour. He is dying to a single level 6 salvage, when we would use the same tactics as before this trouble started and used to be able to get over 10 with little damage.
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  • Capt-JackSparrow
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 6
    I have lost about 4 or 5 merc fleets, and everyone of them has gone when I have been logged off and not even playing the game. I get up in the morning and when I check on the merc fleets it says that I have anywhere between 10-11.30 hours till I can launch another merc fleet. When you go to the map there is no merc fleet listed on there so I have no idea how they are being launched or where they are going once they are launched.
  • j smith
    j smith
    Joined Jan 2012 Posts: 16
    havent used a merc in several days but 1 is missing and my timer is active what gives?
  • Seanybouy
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 10
    Not using merc fleets often and ones that are sent by friends are not adding into the bank, and when I go to launch one the timer comes up with time left before I can launch....
  • labaron26
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    Just got on and noticed another GHOST Merc fleet has been launched....this has been going on with me now for several weeks...Why dont you (Kixeye) delete the whole Merc program and start over from scratch....Apparently you cant fix it, and it is a farce watching a timer running and no Merc present....then another, and another, and so on and so forth.....
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  • WhiteBeard_04
    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 1
    How come everytime i go to launch a merc. fleet it say i have so much time to wait and then my Merc. fleets disapear. about like what happened to my Leiv. fleets(2) i built and didnt get and still haven't. Hope you get this problem fixed soon.
  • mkspencer
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    still happening mainly when i am not online come back online then this
  • Adamentos
    Joined Aug 2011 Posts: 20
    Just happened to me, All I did was launch a fleet, then I launched a merc fleet when I had 26, after I launched it, it showed that I only have 23 now. I do have the merc fleet that I launched but lost 2 somehow.
  • LexLuthor801
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    Who cares how long it takes to launch them. Only launching one merc flt once a week is WAY better than the primary problem.

    THERE ARE NO NEW MERC FLEETS. Merc fleets are sooooo 2011

    I have been on my last merc fleet for two WEEKS now. My brother has not seen me on the "send players a mercenary fleet" thing for (at least) 17 days.

    I stopped using them & they are no longer part of the game IMHO
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  • Soren9288
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    well all in all the mercs are a big deal for the smaller players since it helps defensively in protection of their base. This definitely is a problem for the small guys but not the larger players that have most of their research and building done.
  • John Watry
    John Watry
    Joined Feb 2012 Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem as Sheep.
    I am losing merc fleets and they are being launched without my control.
  • eavesy
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    went to start raid and merc was self launched but nowhere to be seen let me launch when timer had finished then no probs for a day or two them bam timer reset now it seems to be cooperative somedays and others not so (lets me launch 1 merc which shows in map approx every 2 days) hope this helps i hav 40 banked already so im in no real rush but i do hope to not lose them all.

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  • Capt-JackSparrow
    Joined Dec 2011 Posts: 6
    Again I have lost a merc fleet and again I wasn't even online when it happened, I came online and noticed that I was down to five merc fleets from 6, when I had a look it told me that I had to wait 10hours 43 mins to launch another one. But like all my others that have just disappeared from my total I wasn't online playing the game when it happened.
  • Lance Mosher
    Lance Mosher
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    wont let me launch a merc says i have time left before i can launch and i havent used a merc in over a week
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  • Phoenix_LPD
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 10
    Hi Kixeye, same problem i seem to be loosing a merc flt every 14hrs or so, down from 28 to 19 to which i only lanched 2 myself
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