Revenge raids aimed at Americans only?

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    Winners in my sector were spread across the globe, so I don't really see this as an issue. I'm American, 2nd place (by only about 50k points) is from London. Starting time is not an issue as far as fairness goes.
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    As i said in my last post, it's all about rest days. The event works fine for Americans and Brits but its rather annoying for Aussies and anyone asian because effectively they only have one and half rest days to play. This is because the start times are based in the US and not using centralized GMT time.
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    Their headquarters and servers are in america. If you dont like it, dont play american made games. Enough said !
    yea go and play scrabble on fb. The only english speaking game on fb played all around the world except the USA and Canada(unless of course they have their owns versions). And why is this you ask. Well its because they changed the spelling of many english spelt words just to suit themselves. Maybe they are just toooooo hard to pronounce for them lol
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    well if you will live in these awkward times zones...

    I think that a few different start days will be tested to see which brings the best result (and no not just money). But like I said, I will be passing that feedback on specifically, as soon as I hear about the next event.

    awkward time zones? lol america is the awkward time zone... your a day late haha, you guys need to catch up to the real time :P oh btw, Australia is the best country in the world :)

    and thank you, i would appreciate better starting times, :)
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    real time - GMT, nuff said ;)
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    how about run a raid and say europe and australia is excluded from this raid bc all you do is cry about it.
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