wth is with all the maintence in sec 401-500

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yyyyy? there never seems to be any in all the other secs y all the maintinence in 401-500? pick on smbdy else or make it at 4am when everybdy is off
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  • aefi
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    they testing something fishy there
  • stranger76
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    every **** day, wtf. the maintenance message doesn't always show up either for me. how about a countdown clock kixeye. get it together, it's not that hard.
  • Shawn Drummond
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    I agree that some kind of advanced warning would be nice. Rather than attacking a base to find out that you can't call your fleet back because of the "Low Tide". Then you have to pray its still there untouched when you able to view the map again. Not to mention sometimes they say 5:30-6:00 but you can't do anything until 6:20 or later!
  • sarge
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    aefi wrote: »
    they testing something fishy there

    The AREA 51 of battle pirates
  • IcenI 53
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    Not everyone is in the the glorious United States of America, yes this maintenance is a pian in the rear !
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