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    I don't appreciate your input and honestly, you're an arrogant **** who can't read apparently.

    You should. While the poster’s tone might have seemed less than friendly “attacking” your design, Vancouver Jimmy’s, along with Spack’s, addition(s) are right on the money.

    Spack’s contribution: No lvl27 base is safe with lvl 3 towers against even a somewhat competent level 32 player.

    VJ’s contributions, somewhat reworded so as not to offend the same :

    4 VM is not near enough for the average anti mortar fleet. Ie: it takes 6+ concentrated VMs to fire all at the same time, same area, if you are going to hope to overwhelm anti mortar fleets. The 4 you have, even if every tower was level 4, are worthless against the average anti-mortar fleet. You may as well not have VMs. Everything so few fire will be shot down.

    One can go the way of adding flak and bombardment towers or one can go the way of overwhelming to deal with anti-mortar. Either way one chooses, however, 4VMs only, you are just as safe from anti-mortar just recycling them because they add zero, absolutely zero, honestly, to whatever the remainder of one’s current base defense.

    ***This is why your once strong base no longer really stands up. 4 full towers (your VMs, even at level IV) are effectively zeroed out to any fleet with 4 or more anti-mortar guns holding a tight formation.***

    Does it suck that you need 6+ VMs or a new design with none, taking advantage of flak and bombardment, instead, to deal with anti-mortar… YES! It is the current game with anti-mortar, just the same. You can still defend, generally it requires defensive sacrifice elsewhere but, one can still get close to strong defense. It does require one to have stayed up to par on design ups and downs, which you admit you have not but, that is rather your Faux Pas , not the game’s/ designers’.

    Trading one for the other with defense seems exactly the intent of the game designers, whether or not small tweaks here and there needed further along the way. The time where one could defend against higher level players, with level 3 towers and a few VMs at level 27, are past, and they not likely to ever return.
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