BUG! Base destroyed no log written.

Jason Reed
Jason Reed
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What happened to the bug report board? Since I can't find a place to report this bug I'll post it here.

So I logged in after being off line for a few hours to find my base destroyed. No big deal happens all the time but when I went to the battle log to see who the culprit was the last entry showed from 21 hours in the past. Now, that time the damage wasn't as bad as this and I had already repaired, did some upgrades, built a new ship, all of which are still there, but there was no record written of the last person to trash my base. Would like to know who the guilty party was so I can go pay them a visit maybe.

In any case the log wasn't written, this is a bug and should be fixed.
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  • Jebus
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    I have had that happen also, was attacked 3 times while offline ( easy to tell by the dmg to my base ) looked in battle logs still have no idea who did it
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  • Animal83
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    i lost my base it was leveld completly not a wall standing and no battle log.. just the repair notification
  • tw3nty0n3
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    This just happened to me as well. The logs were written of when the user attacked my guarding fleets but nothing about the base attack.

    I'm super curious to see what they used since 5ff's with du4's have a hard time getting in..so strange.
  • redhog12
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    ME TOO! No battle log shown just a repair notice and a 1 day 12 hr bubble and my base was leveled. And it is hard to get into mine. Some one is drinkin the hack juice!
  • Graeme Gold
    Graeme Gold
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    redhog12 wrote: »
    ME TOO! No battle log shown just a repair notice and a 1 day 12 hr bubble and my base was leveled. And it is hard to get into mine. Some one is drinkin the hack juice!

    was wondering when someone was going to say hack lol

    and i also not got mine show up but im the other way round i was the attacker :p
  • Flo
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    same...wnated to know the coords of the attacker
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  • Kevin Townsend
    Kevin Townsend
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    Same Here it had to have just happened. My user ID is 2774760 Currently in sector 175. My base was just completely destroyed and there is no log of anything happening at all.
  • Tag32
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    I was hit 4 times (so far) today, I now even have a 17 hour bubble... and nothing in the battle log about my base.. As with others, the fleet battles show up, just not the base info..

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  • Randall_D
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    Same here.....logged on to find the new HH hull and dredge....and my base leveled....but nothing in th log as to who hit me....wth....another bug kixeye, really!!!!
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  • AFK
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    +1 i wasn't destroyed but had a building rocketed and i have no clue who did it.
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  • Alia
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    You will get a faster response by filling out a support form (can be found at the bottom of all forum pages under the contact us link) Or go here http://support.kixeye.com/mail/ takes the mods a while to filter through posts to find your technical issue threads so this is much faster.
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  • Beau1479
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    Its not a bug it is from hackers cause Kixeye can't see them
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