My Op5 design... EASY to defend against all attacks

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    All wharehouses with the exception of one are 4 space + one wall space away from land border which according to kixeye will outrange any weapon including sfb missile fleets.

    Tested and you actually need 4 land/water spaces and THREE wall spaces to out range assault missile with booster 3.
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    BiA wrote: »
    Tested and you actually need 4 land/water spaces and THREE wall spaces to out range assault missile with booster 3.

    yeah unfort ur still snipable...:P
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    why has no one moved this to the war room yet ?

    im sure it should be there
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    I came up with this design when i was around level 25(level 29 now) and i have watched numerous attacks using FF and HH fail to destroy a single wharehouse or my outpost. NO I AM NOT SAYING THIS DESIGN IS UN_CRACKABLE as i believe there is not one design that can not be broken. However in my experience with base design this is the most well rounded layout i could come up with pre-SFB.

    Now when the new SFB special came out i watched the forums explode with whiners crying foul saying they could no longer defend their bases and i too was a little worried at first, but after taking a closer look at my base setup i 100% DISAGREE. My base required NO CHANGES PERIOD to defend against the new special as there is only one wharehouse vulnerable to sniping and it is covered by 2 defensive platforms, one sentinel and one victory mortar. And i have watched a few coiners try again and again to snipe a wharehouse from the outside with no success.

    So I decided to post my layout for a couple of reasons first of which is to show that IT IS POSSIBLE TO DEFEND YOUR BASE with smart turret selections and careful planing.

    Second i am curious as to what people think about my layout and its strengths/ the old saying goes two heads are better then one.

    And third TO GIVE A BIG THUMBS UP TO KIXEYE!!! THANK YOU for bringing missiles back into the game and giving us players more options for fleet vs fleet setups other then the previous standard HB3/ballistic as well as new designs for base killer/prep fleets.

    my op5 base design.jpg

    And just to add a little validity to my claim here is the battle log from the most recent attack against my base courtesy of captaindestroy level 33. He destroyed all but one of my guns but DID NOT destroy a single wharehouse or my outpost

    Your pic is rather small, but it appears your channel is only 3 wide where your dock and shipyard are. Those two w/h's are against the water, making them reachable. As for one sent and one mortar reaching where you would have to be to hit them, RA3 and hailstorm3 will still make it worthwhile if you are at least double stacked.
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    Here is an updated screen shot couldnt figure out how to make the picture larger so i did this instead hope it works for ya

    Attachment not found.Attachment not found.

    If you want to make the image size bigger you can download a free software called Gimp, that is a photo editor. Your photo shows up as a 355 x 278. If you open your photo file in Gimp select the Image tab, & then click on Scale Image. A popup box will appear with your photo's dimensions which you can then change. I would change your 355 to 800 then press enter. The 278 will be auto changed to match so your photo keeps its dimensions without becoming distorted. There you go, larger image size. :)
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    I cannot see what is on all your guns but I have a feeling I could make it through, no prep wave.
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    Funny how every 1 always say,"I could take this base"..."easy base" and bla bla bla...but yet when fleets attck and sink like stones,the crying begins...:crying:
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