No more Slavo 9s?

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edited 11 Jan 2012, 2:12AM
I have been waiting for a while for a level 9 salvo to appear near a level 32 base. but only level 8s appear.
did they fix the spawning codings?
Sanya_V_Litvyak Sector 414 atm
Level. 30
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  • Evil Ares
    Evil Ares
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    Level 9's spawning normally for my sector.
  • kingj0n
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    Kill the two 8s, and wait again. During the RR4, I had 3s to 5s spawning at my base as I was right next to low levels. They take the spawn away which appears to be random. I got 8s around my base too, but higher level doesn't take priority.
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