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    Well said RazorUK. When you see an obvious hacker just report it. Any base over level 35 and any fleet over level 40 is a hacker.
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    We definitely understand why this is frustrating for players. Believe me, it's frustrating for us, too - our CS department spends a large part of its day tracking down and banning cheaters, which means we have less time to assist legitimate players. It sucks.

    The bad news is, securing an online game isn't something that can be done overnight. We've been working on it, and we have several different angles of attack that we're working on.

    The good news is, the new tools we're getting look, frankly, amazing. I was just shown 2 of them yesterday, and I'm confident that when they're finished and online, we're going to see a serious decrease in hacking issues almost immediately.

    Again, I know it sucks to see it right now, but please trust that we're working on this as hard as we can, and you'll see some significant improvements very soon.

    I think that the maintenance what was running saterday trough out sector 400-499 has to do with this statement.
    Because we also reported a few people in outr sector, and funny enough after they run the maintenance, they arent active anymore.
    So i already see results that kixeye is working real hard on it...
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    So you openly admit to being one of the biggest skill-less losers....err ....coiners in the game, and then you proceed to whine about something that plagues dam near every game there is. Well....only thing I can say is....Happy trails sport. Bye bye now....
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    i once reported a cheater and he was banned from game before he finished crying in chat of not beeing a cheater :) no 10 minutes after sending the report he was gone and this was during resource raid. so imo they make a good job in finding cheaters.
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    **** babies suck it up and quit whining there is not one game out there that doesnt have cheaters of some sort if you dont like ti quit playing video games!
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