Solid fuel boosters attack

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    EScott wrote: »
    Yikes, I really did not think that the range increase was accurate.

    u need to use laser guide 3 to make each missile accurate, without it.. its useless having cutless on a ship.
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    Eh big deal my base gets flattened all the time dont care theres nothin in it!!! I did move a few things and add some flaks it does ok I dont expect to keep ppl out just to damage em enough so my fleets outside can finish em off lol
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    Getting close to the longest whiner thread ever! Keep'er going kiddies! You'll finally be recognized for an amazing achievement in your life!

    well fu to u too since you must be such a fricking genius to have found a base that's safe from sniping wh's/op AND dock (and don't give me the well missiles can hit docks so why should I care BS at least a missile costs players something be it time and res or money)
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    Okay things are starting to get personal here. I think we've reached the end of the line on this thread. Thanks for the feedback.
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