to the winners of RAID 4 battle ship

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I would just like to point out that the new BATTLE SHIP is stronger than a FF, BUT it can only hold 157,566tons of cargo compared to FF 1,122,018.

So a base hit with 3 and 2 ff = 500% only = 13mill AGAIN ANOTHER CRAP SHIP

KIXEYE I want a ship that I can carry more the 1 heavy drac weapon... Come on sort this out

As for the Raid 3 ship I won, don't get me started on the piece of *****

Will I be in the next raid if this is all your offering NO.

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Gamer - XSA
sector - 48
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    ok this is what it meant for 1 bs and 4 forts=22m+ rez and any base dead so if u want more cheese with ur whine plz ask
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    the point of the ship is to give you a good ship that is better than what everyone else has, not to make you lord of the sector.
    We want the Dry Dock NOW! We need YOU! The game needs YOU!

    I vote no as Kixeye would just glitch the crap out of it.
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    There is no single ship that is universally good in every situation. The Drac Battleship might not have as much cargo space as an FF, but it is still a great ship in many battle scenarios. There will never be a ship that is the best at everything.
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    every ship has a bad point, wolfs not a lot of amor, ff slow and bad turning speed, every ship is bad at somthink as swag said everythink cant be good
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    use 1 battle ship to tank for 4 FF u get your max cargo reduced to around 22-23 mil but your improved sucess rate will make up for the decrease in max loot potential
  • DeathDemon
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    XSA stop crying if you want a bigger ship then you must suck at hitting. i can take most bases with my 5 FF and if you are still with RBP losers no wonder you need bigger ships all of you suck
  • Phule
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    If Kixeye had not published the BB's stats b4 the raid you might complain you did not receive value for money spent. If you spent money to get the ship. Kixeye did publish the stats. You haven't a leg to stand on.

    above is my reasonable response, let me give you my gut response.........

    WTF you whiney little B****, you didn't get the uber wuber ship u've been asking santa for? Grown up P*****. Publish your sector location so all of us can come to you base and B***** slap you into Farmville you loser twit.
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