a new and serious problem about blueprint..

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i logged on to my battle pirates this morning and discovered i only had 2 pages of blueprints rather than 3.. now i found this a bit strange so i began to check each weapon and noticed that 3 weapons were missing.. the siege morter D71-S and 2 others.. 1 was a siege cannon and another was maelstrom rockets.. now im lvl 32 and i already have the other siege morter so im not to bothered.. however there are lower levels out there who work really hard as i did to find these blueprints.. the most popular one people want to find is the shockwave.. if someone was to complete this but then find the following morning that it had been taken of them i would be a bit pissed of.. and i would probably loose faith in the game it's self.. if anything i would at least like to have some compensation regarding my siege cannon as i was intending to put it on my ff's.

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grab ur trators and start farming those bases!! :D
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    i just cant find blue prints ever i get about one per week unless i attack a 5 but those ble prints in level 5s stink
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    I am sure you are going to get the standard response of... "Have you refreshed? Have you cleared your cache? Have you changed your socks? Have you done a rain dance to make sure the problem is not on your side?"
    Unfortunately, players repeatedly “bubbling” each other are abusing this system.
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    been happening alot. Send a support ticket... although the response I saw a few weeks ago was 'contact us when you find a piece to the weapon you lost if it isn't complete'. Given the drop rates... I hope that's no longer the SOP
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    Please use the customer support form and they will assist you with this: http://support.kixeye.com/mail/
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