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Ive seen alot of post about mega tanks im currently unlocking them now.. How About This since everyone has suggestions on what should be done to them etc... How about keep them how they are, stfu and spend the time on the game to unlock them, then have nothing left to **** about cuz u will have them also... Sounds Good? GOOOODDD:o p.s just be glad u fairy's got ur lev 5 cc with only 3mil res vs. the 8mil i spent cuz i know ur the ones **** about the mega tanks as if the game should be handed to you. Glad KIXEYE has there own mind, listing to you carebears would ruin the game, Get ur base upgraded take the time it takes to have the good **** you cry baby's.. Mega Tank DEEEZZZZZ
  • Evgenij Koltjev
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    One Megatank lvl 8 cost ~630k metal and ~1 mill oil. which is allot, And by me it is perfect balance betwin power and cost )
  • Brian boudreau
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    yes excy u should have megas around lv 25/27 if not ur workin on the wrong stuff iam lv 26 and 1 day left on mega and turrits 2 lv 9 rest lv 8s motors 2 lv 9 rest lv 8
  • juju
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    they nerfed mega tank's hp...but they also reduced the production cost by ALOT....its 75k metal, 100k oil now

    only 5500hp tho...almost 60% drop
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    they're increasing the health again due to many complains, it's going to be an acceptable health soon
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  • Adam Schiff
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    yah they dropped it way to low its only 2K over a challenger which is way to low for the price an build times
  • Pat Gunning
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    now it is 11,000 health which is more acceptable (one suicide bomber can pretty much take it out if it gets close enough). and you should really not generalize about who is complaining about the mega tanks, I am unlocking them and I still think they should not be completely untouchable by other units. I mean 5.5K was too low they are after all supposed to be mega tanks, but something where every unit and defense has to shoot it 10 times or so to destroy it is not a good balance, most of those units would be destroyed before they even scratch the mega tank.
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