How is my base so far? Tips and input welcomed.

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    pretty good for a level 12 ;3
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    my base o.O
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    pretty good but maybe move the defence towers closer?
  • The Gate Keeper
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    The layout is alright to begin with however there are 3 semi target able gaps in your alignment of your defense towers. The top two towers on either side of the Oil Refinery are a little to far apart and can be picked off pretty easily via air support followed by a tank or mobile artillery armor. The second is the area with the Air Field, Oil and Metal Storage plus Barracks. They are all grouped together and not sufficiently covered. If some one were to destroy all of these using Armor or air support they could easily advance up to the Gatling Defense Tower and proceed to destroy the center of your base as they would be just out of range of your other defensive turrets unless they are all at least grade 8 or 9 out of 10. The final easily target able point is on the opposite side of the previously stated one. Should some one use armor or air support to destroy the buildings leading to the two far space defensive turrets an opponent would gain easy access to again crush your primary center and power plants causing you to spend a good amount of time repairing before any further progress in your building could be made.

    A good thing to remember though is once you get to 20's and onward people will target your recourse storage far more than anything else. Possibly even ignoring other buildings all together if they are desperate enough. The point is to make a defense that can hold off an enemy force for a minimum of 5 minutes as that is how long some one has to attack you. If you do not have enough turrets and are sure you will lose a building surround it with any spare mines you may have. If you have no spare mines discourage them with a show of force of tanks or bombers. One final tip would be bombers. While bombers are useless in attacking some one with a well thought out defense they are amazing for using as defense. Once built put them just inside your defensive lines and set their setting to "Will follow targets for a short range than return". Doing this will cause them to leave their defending positions to engage any advancing enemy force. Should the enemy move out of range they will return to the safety of their preset position just barley behind your defensive lines.

    I hope you find this helpful. If you have any further questions please do feel free and ask them in response to this post and I will do my best to answer them.
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    a few factories are easy targets for attacks from copter drones or cobras, since only gun turrets can shoot at air targets. and when a gun turret is taken down, a big part of your base is vulnurable to air attacks.
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