Anti-Wolf Levi?

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    Oh so wrong stefilm. I have done the research for this build, now to get big enough to employ it. But, I already know it will work, a friend of mine built a fleet of levies in the manner of which I have told him and he tested it. The build ravaged the SW's.
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    This may well be the best reply in forums I have read. Thank you space, lmao
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    The reason I have to agree with Curtis is because of the point he has been trying to make, but has been ignored by many, including Spack. The point is this:
    Thuds with HB3 and AL3 are untouchable by anything other than Thuds with HB3 and AL3. Curtis's argument is not that a newb should be able to log on, build a boat and SINK a higher level player with this configuration. His point is only that a newb should be able to log on, build a boat, and at least be able to FIRE A SINGLE SHOT at that higher level player. His point was that the only counter to any weapon should not be that weapon itself.
    Nowhere did he say that anyone's time and experience should not be rewarded with the ability to trounce low level players. He simply said it was not fair that you should be able to consistently sink any fleet you attack without a single shot being fired by the opposing fleet.
    All the comments about "build a levi with more armor and HB3/AL# or LA3" are ignoring the concept that a new player should be able to at least scratch the paint on their attacker before meeting the ocean floor. It should not require that a person have equal tech just to even join the fight. Because face it, if you can't even fire a shot, you haven't joined a fight. You've entered an execution.
    I personally have been using the Thud setup since I first started the game, because I noticed early on that it would be untouchable. I still haven't reached HB3 yet, but even when I only had HB1, I was still sinking fleets without them firing a shot, because others hadn't caught on to the concept yet and designed to counter it.
    Of course, this argument is moot now, since HB3 has been adjusted. But that was the point that many were missing.
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    gtslow wrote: »
    3x Ti4
    5x D51-A (90% Accuracy & 3 reload time)
    Layered Armor
    Engines II

    Thoughts? Obviously the key here is the first 2-4 shots. With the high accuracy and low reload time you best bet is try try and rush them before they turn and kite like weiners.

    try Thud 4 HB3 LA3, you lose dps but make up for it in spades with ballistic armor buff
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    The game is always evolving...

    Everyone knows how to stop an SW with Thud HB3. The problem is, very few people have the tech to pull it off.

    Spack. I'll say this clearly and audibly for you. You are a freakin dunce. Yes you are. Here is your stupidity on a platter:

    LA 2 requires Adv Lab 8 or 9, LA 3 requires Adv Lab 10.
    Engines 2 requires Adv Lab 8 or 9, Engines 3 requires Adv Lab 10.
    Drac weapons of any kind (but particularly the higher level stuff) is harder to get your hands on than any forsaken tech. That goes for both the Drac Missiles and the Drac Seige Cannon.
    HB 2 requires Adv Lab 9. HB 3 requires Adv Lab 10.

    So, tell me, which of your brilliant ideas is even possible for anyone short of Adv Lab 8? NONE. Every single small timer or even mid level players stands no chance whatsoever because all the counters require high level tech. In fact, I haven't even mentioned the hulls. Sea Wolv requires Naval Lab 9 and FF requires Naval Lab 10. How in hell are players supposed to use either of those to compete with the SWs? At best you can use Levis, but then you need Naval Lab 8,9 or 10 for DU 2,3 or 4 so that you can armor up as well as them.

    So as you CLEARLY continue to miss. You are required to have MULTIPLE buildings to a minimum level of 8/9 just to be able to piece together something that will hurt an SW. Everyone that fails these standards has only one option: Turn and run like ****.

    People need to also understand that when you're lower level you not going to be able to have all the toys and gadgets mommy and daddy have, you'll have to buy your time or the upgrades to compete. Otherwise just grow up a little and hit them back.
    Windows 7 / Firefox or Google Chrome
    Found this and loved it:
    Build it right, sail it smart and take whatever the hell you want!
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    Menace wrote: »
    People need to also understand that when you're lower level you not going to be able to have all the toys and gadgets mommy and daddy have, you'll have to buy your time or the upgrades to compete. Otherwise just grow up a little and hit them back.


    If you take the time to get the resources, to do the research, to do the building and testing, you should have an advantage! Nothing in life is fair, why the heck should a video game be? Stop with the social engineering!

    If you are getting beat by someone with more toys then you, work a little harder to get the same toys!
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    Something with range of 66 will not do a thing against something with range 81.... you'll never get your first shot off.

    BTW, kiting is not for weiners. It is intelligent gameplay. Unfortunately the current weapon mechanics make Thud HB3 very overpowered at the moment.
    Stefilm wrote: »
    Getting a little concerned now, especially after building several of these, what did you mean by "at the moment" ???

    hahahahahahahaha curtis you sly $%&*er you knew about the upcoming nerf. and stefilm you caught it! precious.
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    I guess Curtis is one of those F-g kiters. Doesn't know how to engage just run himself to a corner.
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