As reflected by our name, we are an elite jumper group that is determined to strive towards our goals while enjoying our gaming experience together. Because most of us have real life commitments, we like to ensure our gaming time is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. With this in mind we always strive to achieve our best and will actively encourage others to do the same. We are happy to take experienced and new players alike as long as they are willing to learn, help others within the group, work as part of a team and accept constructive advice. Our belief is that everyone can benefit from this regardless of experience whilst maintaining an atmosphere of good humor and enjoyment. Our main focus is reinforcing all our allies with anywhere we can.  Our entire team is composed of the best players from different sectors and alliances that came together for one solid goal. We have enough members that are fully experience in the art of war and extremely high level more than enough to face whatever challenge we may have. We also practice fair game play and respecting everyone including our foes. We will strive for supremacy and aim for the best.

One Blood, One Team, One Goal... We are G-FORCE and we Fight as One!!
Owner: GF-HAV0KLeaders: GF-HAV0K, wanclick, SKT_BOSS, ciean Maverick, AehtNic, Stan_D612, themis, whocaresanymore, Joe Belem, BloccCreated on April 7, 2013456 membersPrivacy: Private
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