deposits and how they dont work

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the new deposit for metal and oil are here apparently if you hold them your meant to get 350 k dribble every 10 minutes of metal OR oil depending on which depo it is and a massive 800 million at end of life of deposit ? yeah does not do that has not seen any benefits at all from holding a deposit and wonder why no one else has raised hell over this 
  • Bob Hill
    Bob Hill
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    i am not getting anything from mine at all
  • Maggie650
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    I don't think I am either
  • Mhicil
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    I didn't either. Right now they're a waste of time even looking at.
  • mike.simpson.589
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    Another glitch...under the old system if you held deposits, when you looked at the quantity in storage, it would show how much you were 'collecting' along with capacity and amount 'producing'... 
  • nametagg0
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     wonder why no one else has raised hell over this 
    because many of the forumgoers requested the complete removal of depos so they dont care if it doesnt work for those that liked them.
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  • wright9292
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    I did get the big payout at the end of the last one, but am not getting anythnig on the 10 minute drip.  I took 10 oils, enough so i would notice the difference, and nada.  
  • Skipjack
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    You do not get a drip, you get 350k 'drop' in every 10 minutes, if you are not getting 350k every ten minutes then please Do send a ticket into Kixeye.
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  • Tiggsy
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    The 350k drop every 10 minutes is only happening when you are online. They are not paying out when you are offline.
  • Phil_S021
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    they worked occasionally just about when they first came out, but since then nothing. don't have any  anymore as have been jumping around and it looks like no one is bothering with them in most sectors
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