Draconian Titanium Base

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Draconian Titanium Base (DTB)

The next evolution in Draconian Bases that provides Titanium
parts/resources/equips and allows the user to begin using
Hyperion  (*Mega Hulls*) in a battle for advanced pirate

[Updated Sector Threat Bar]

Advanced Threat Bar Color "Red" Sector "Threat Red" the next
generation in advanced sector threat aligned with improvement
of the Threat Bar. 


Hyperion will be able to be controlled by players to allow them 
the free movement of their ships within the DTB base and will
lead into the next generation of (*Mega Hull*) warfare. 


Hyperion (*Mega Hull*) 
Players must use Hyperion (*Mega Hull*) to attack bases.

[Co-Op ability]

2 Alliance Players Hyperion Ship allowed.

[Base Level] 


[Ship Level]

91 - 500

Draconian Titanium Base 33 votes

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  • John Seymour
    John Seymour
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    Lets fix all the old problems first before we ad any new ones
    The existence of the sea means the existence of pirates

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    Learn from your mistake

    Accept nothing challenge everything

  • why not fix the game first, then deal with new stuff
  • U C ME
    U C ME
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    Retreat button would be nice tho if they put

  • Hms-Nimrod
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    No for me there need to fix the game first it so broken it becoming unplayable for me now 
    Hms-Nimrod :D
  • NSD_Mad-Hatter_8
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    why not fix the game first, then deal with new stuff

    It really would not be new as others would think it would be fixing issues in the game is something long term
    as is creating Draconian Titanium Base. Not everything will be fixed and even with new content we will still 
    have bugs or issues. Think about the content as it is now pushing out to Tier 8 the community needs a way
    to have more Titanium. Builds, Repairs, Hyperion, Portals all cost Titanium. The process of the next wave 
    of ship hulls and base defense leads me to believe we need more to be able to be advanced players. We
    are moving into the advanced stages of the game however; also forgetting that mid players need something
    to help the community of high end players to thrive. We need more Co-Op to come into play as it was intended
    so many years ago. The downside is that we do not have enough content for certain areas of the game to improve
    that we must move forward instead of waiting for fixes that can be done on the fly.

    Off topic

    The biggest problem comes from Computers without proper "Graphics Cards" a lot of times the community
    does not talk about what pc they have or what graphics card they have installed. You can bank on one of 
    the reason why the game is crud relates to the processor speed, graphic's card, and last servers. During
    peak performance we all experience lag issues the same hold true with newly created content. 
  • ShaolinLueb
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    is it me or do they not give titanium anymore? i hit one with my eradicator fleet, didnt finish it, no titanium. hit another one with my eradicator fleet and finished it this time, no titanium. is there something i am doing wrong?
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