Is there something wrong in event?

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my toops is out of control when i attack. whats wrong 
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    Lancer units do that :wink: 
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    The red/white circle is the True Believers version of bishop(called the disciple)  targeting your unit and dealing 1 point of damage a second, 

    this counts as an attack so your units will respond by trying to attack the bishop unless their on defense

    I always put mine on defense when they stop where I want them to go, just to be safe

    The range of the Disciple is ~750-1000, so your units will respond when they seem to be away from everything, but are actually within this admitedly prodigious range, note that this is not the range of the aura, that's the red circle ~100 units range

    Re:post from another thread: is there something controlling my units in main track 11
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