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2 words for main target 6: "F* you"  kix
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    Main 6 is arguably the easiest target in the entire event though (except the first two obviously), you don't even have to deal with the buildings. You just have to kill 150 enemy units. And they come to you at measured intervals. You can literally just deploy, park and kill charging Acolytes.

    I sent in two Cerbs (lv1, no tech), a Darkstorm (lv1, no tech) and a Jugg (lv9, no tech). I set them to hold position and only advanced when I needed to get a Cleric in the DS aura, and then only until it was covered. The DS cuts the enemy range, the Cerb drones sponge the Acolyte fire and the Jugg one-shots everything. It took maybe 5 minutes and as I said, I took 20 minutes of damage, all from the Clerics. The Acolytes never hit anything but drones.
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    I took 3 min repair with DS, Nova, Romero, and Galen.

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    Easy Base. Two words for you Kixeye....Thank you.
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