No increase in base cap? Or Def Platforms? So same old Struggle!

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Still 8 units vs 6+ uniques , 9k of air and however many toons they bring.. Then new turrets but same amount of platforms? So we only fighting with bunkers and heavy platforms now I guess. Makes sense since the Avalanche is trash. smh
  • Pain1986
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    Guess im the only one that thinks this is stupid
  • OGFD3720
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    nope not at all. every base off line is easy. no matter the level. defence plats, platforms and everything else including the kracken stink.
  • Lord of Cinder
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    I agree.  Considering that this is supposed to be a defensive update, I don't see how any of this will help me .  It will take several weeks to get all these new buildings/turrets upgraded to be useable. 

    On the other hand, I'm pretty sure I will see all of this stuff fully upgraded in kixeye's event bases next week 

  • kixeyeuser_150897889_9106_2342921
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    The idea is to give you more choices, and make you make strategic decisions instead of just cookie-cutter bases.
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