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Thanks Glitcheye and your awesome service. I have a bug currently going on that WON'T allow me to play and it appeared in the last 2 days of the last raid. All my Auto fleets can no long go auto. They must be driven and even then all ships now move at different speeds and will target different targets even when in the same spot. It's so bad my stress goes up majorly just simply trying( and failing) to control my fleet. Then I report this bug to support because I am a coining player and their player/customer service reps refuse to help me. Their response is go f myself. Go to the forums and hopefully a game developer might see your problem and fix it so that you can start playing again. I've put thousands into this game so I should never have to go post my problem on a forum and "pray" that someone might see my post here and help me when I am completely shut down in the game and NOT ABLE TO PLAY. That's what customer service in support is for.  So basically put when a player who has invested a lot into this game is no longer able to play and they ask for help, why would you NOT want to help to get that player back up and running again asap? Why would you be so stupid and take a chance of losing a player who is helping pay for this game? After all player/customer support people if this player is NOT ABLE TO PLAY PERIOD, why would you be so stupid to believe that they'd hang around anymore if they cannot play and there's no immediate help for them? Only a forum where they have to wait and hope that someone might see it and and eventually get around to fixing this bug so that they might start playing again? Only a fool would believe that.
So take care everyone. Since the game is completely unplayable because of this bug and Kixeye player/customer service representataives refusing to let the game developers know that this bug has completely shut me down and I cannot play the game period. It's time for me to go.
Cheaper games that are actually playable!!
Have fun!

  • Templar614
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    What targets are you autoing and with what fleets?

    If you post some of your ticket numbers I can bug support about it as well.
  • All my fleets are seriously acting screwy. Not targeting the same targets, moving at different speed. and 90% of the time running different paths. As for ticket numbers I can only get those from inside where I submitted my ticket to support and they immediately closed the ticket after telling me that he believes it's a lag problem and to go seek help in the forums even though i told him I literally cannot play the game without becoming super stressed out over the crap. And I can tell you that Kixeye won't hear from you in regards to my ticket. Breach of privacy. Hank McCoy is the customer service rep who dealt with me. So I just decided to say no more. I haven't logged in for 2 days now and I probably will never do it again. Too many bugs and too many people like Hank not believing us when we do report bugs. It just becomes a stress that I don't need. Hope your game stays good as mine is crap.

  • Albert Brown66
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    I have ha a glitch that stopped my fleets ever sience they started the 82 target and they not fixed it yet so I just stopped playing get on ever so often and repair my base so it can be flattened again and again not played in almost a year now not done a weekly in over a year and a half and dont remember when I did a raid I was told it was a computer thing so I bought a new one still the same thing so stopped telling them and stopped playing now so far behind could never catch up will not come to forums and read any comments or replys dont get on but ones a month or so just wanted to say I have enjoyed the game from the time of black water I helped clear it but just got tired of pouring money in a game that cost me 20 dollars on ever weekly and if I had it at tax time more so if I dont play it dont cost me and Kixeye dont give any of the outdated fleets any more ,,,,, ok guys I said it a good game if you can keep up I could not ,,,, oh by the way dont go by the ID this is my second account my sons game that he quit cause he was so far behind and got hit all time 
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