Mack Heath
Mack Heath
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while  there  are  people  who  can  afford  to  coin and  i aint  knocking  them  one  bit  but  for  those  of  us  who  can't  coin  repairs  and  builds  take  longer  I  aint  done  too  good  in  many  past  raids  but a  Raid  a  month  is  killing  many  players  who  are  just  trying  to  keep  up  if  we  need  to  catch  up  we  have  the  Campaigns  and  fm's  that  would  help  but  if  the  Raids  was  maybe  2  a  year  it  might  give  non-coiners  a  chance  to  build  a  better  fleet  or  2  to  at  least  do  somewhat  better  in  the  raids  and  plus  side  is  hulls  and  weapons  gotten  from  various  things  would  not become  outdated  or  useless  as  fast  as  they  do  now
  • Lakhbir Singh
    Lakhbir Singh
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    no point crying to kix; they will not change the timeline for raid cycle...
    COOT is recruiting; please PM Scorpious_DOW for details
  • kixeyeuser_1357338164275_18422_1753772136
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    Having lost a fleet of ranked Buccaneers in 25 seconds on a level 61 target, requiring an 8-repair, even with 1/2 repair, I will forego the rest of this wonderful Kixeye raid.
    Joined Oct 2011 Posts: 2
    besides that the targets are boosted to give more damage , day into raid. im out of this . ready to quit again. 
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