Level 86 looking for an Alliance.

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Username : Cypher
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Level 69 included, looking for a good group of players to play and talk with via discord, teamspeak, etc., the both of us have been playing for years and have been on and off with the game. We have various high level fleets and do pretty well even when alone. We don't really have a preference on the size of the alliance, so anything is fine with us! Thank you for your time. 

Thinking of Usernames.

  • Kim William Harnagel
    Kim William Harnagel
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    always looking for good players in GTD,we are in delta world sec 67,pm me and we can talk - cheers
  • Lakhbir Singh
    Lakhbir Singh
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    COOT is still recruiting; PM my alliance admin for details pls; or PM me and i'll pass your details up; my alliance admin might have more specific questions though;

    COOT is recruiting; please PM Scorpious_DOW for details
  • TomBrooklyn
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    Unable to find way to initiate PM.    Chat function did not work.

  • SelcukMPerin
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    We are looking for active members to make us as strong as before. Join us
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