I didn't find my prize (siege) and i lost my XP

Ahmad Hamada
Ahmad Hamada
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i didn't get my prize (OMEGA Siege squadron) I LOST 380,000 XP i choose it but i didn't find in my weapons? 
  • Greg_P53
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    You need normal and elite siege first and then you need 80 parts for omega siege. The 380k xp you used for omega siege would have been for 4 parts

  • Axel L
    Axel L
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    In order to unlock the Omega Siege Squadron, you need to climb upgrade ladder for the Siege Squadron.
    1. Unlock the Siege Squadron
      • Requirement: 8 regular Siege Squadron parts
    2. Upgrade the Siege Squadron to elite (level 2)
      • Requirement: 40 Elite Siege Squadron parts
      • Resources: 150M metal/oil + 25M thorium
    3. Upgrade the Elite Siege Squadron to Omega (level 3)
      • Requirement: 80 Omega Siege Squadron parts
      • Resources: 200M metal/oil + 50M thorium
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