lost exp and no prizes

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So i had almost 1mil exp and i suppossedly purchased: zombie misile, 4 siege squad parts and the toxic offenderx3 (for acolyte, spartan zk, and lib). but the game crashed afterwards not sure if it was my internet or the game or something but when i mannaged to get back i couldn't find any of those prizes and the shop was already gone please help!

  • Erica_d5
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    you probably tryed getting those items at the moment when the timer for the use it or lose it came to an end wich made your game crash and you lost your xp and prizes in the process
    maybe helpfull for next time to not wait to long with spending your xp
  • Axel L
    Axel L
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    My guess is that you encountered an unfortunate crash at the worst time possible which caused you to be unable to spend all of your xp before the "Use it or Lose it" period ended. In order to avoid these kinds of issues, it's recommended to focus on spending the event xp either during, at the end of the event or at the beginning of the "Use it or Lose it" period.
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  • SAT-Hitman
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    I guess it was a crash or something, since it showed that the exp went down with the purchase before the game collapse, is there any way to get those items back? @Axel L
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