Nova Theory Breakdown

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Since we do not have Nova's stats yet, all this is theoretical. 

Range: 600
Charge time: 100k dmg/sec

Vs Romero. 

Charge time begins with a 100 sec  clock (Romero level 1) and has about 99 sec left when Romero starts firing. 
Romero wins with about 20 sec left. 

Range: 300
Charge time: 500k dmg/sec

Romero fires first, Nova still crawls forward. charge time 20 sec.
Nova wins but is drastically hurt. 

I foresee Nova having either long range, slow charge time or no range, high as !@#$% charge time. Speed of about 1-1.5 (similar to darkstorm) and HP similar to Prophet. AA capability however is still a toss up. Since the pic shows a stationary forward cannon with no joints to speak of, I am going to guess No!

If you think you have a better theory about Nova, Please say so in comments. If you wanna complain about this, just put "Alt F4" in the comment box instead.

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    Also, I just realized, I accounted for 10mil hp on Romero not 100mil at his level 1. So just add another 0 to the charge time in my theory.
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